Michelle Hunziker in bikini on the Romagna Riviera: photo

One hundred percent Italian holidays for Michelle Hunziker: the showgirl this year after the usual stop in Liguria, in Varigotti (where to spend part of the summer for decades now), has also landed on the Romagna Riviera. On social he shared a shot that portrays her as she refreshes herself in the waters of theAdriatico with a floral bikini and he made it known that he found the sea quality much improved, perhaps thanks to the lockdown (and the consequent less pollution). “The Adriatic also benefited from the lockdown guys … it seems like the marand 30 years ago … when I came from Switzerland on vacation as a child! “, he wrote on Instagram.

Michelle Hunziker, 43, in a bikini in the Adriatic

“I am very fond of Romagna and its inhabitants! Wherever you go, you are greeted with a smile and with kindness, there is a lot of music and joy in the air and make you feel welcome … but above all you eat divinely! “, added Michelle. With her also the daughters and the mother Whileis. Then Tomaso Trussardi joined them.

Michelle takes a picture with the Romagna Riviera in the background
Michelle takes a picture with the Romagna Riviera in the background

The blonde of Swiss origin, who together with the heir of the well-known fashion brand has two daughters, Sole, 6 years old, e Celeste, 5, but that also has Aurora, 23, born instead from the first marriage with Eros Ramazzotti, some time ago revealed that he could still have other children. He explained not to take precautions and therefore not to exclude the arrival of a new stork.

“I don’t take precautions, I leave it to nature. If the fourth child arrives, that’s fine. How can one not want ten more? “, he said.

Written by: on 3/7/2020.