Meta and Guess What together to give children the playground – Meios & Publicidade

The Living Intensely Movement is born in a time of pandemic with the aim of developing children’s playground. The initiative, which arises from a “sharing of objectives” between the pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca, the Child Support Institute and the agencies Meta and Guess What, aims to contribute so that “this time of limitations and uncertainties does not reach the youngest and that this time without school is used to have the most fun ”. Through a platform created for this movement weekly challenges will be launched, with “surprises reserved for members who complete all challenges”.

“It is good to embrace projects with a view to the greater good and those who will be responsible for the future of our country. With this we demonstrated that good ideas do not live closed in agencies and that, even remotely, the only essential factor is the will ”, underlines Bruno Brás, CEO Meta, who signs the movement’s identity.