Mercedes not yet finished Ferrari / FIA secret settlement

14:33 – Mercedes has still not accepted that the details of the settlement between Ferrari and the FIA ​​have not been revealed. The brand is still dissatisfied with the state of affairs.

Not entirely by chance shortly before the end of the second week of testing, the FIA ​​announced in February that it had reached a settlement with Ferrari. The FIA’s investigation focused on Ferrari’s power source, which the competition said was not legal. However, it never came from a formal protest. After the secret settlement, seven F1 teams (all teams that don’t run a Ferrari engine) were willing to take legal action, but Mercedes pulled out shortly before the start of the season in Australia.

Mercedes F1 team boss Toto Wolff emphasized that the team is not going to leave the matter alone, he still expects the FIA ​​to clarify the matter. “We will not let it go,” said Wolff in Austria on Friday. “We decided in Melbourne that it was not very appropriate to look for additional controversy, with everything that was going on with corona in Italy. It was not the right time. Nowadays everything is about transparency, that is extremely important and the same goes for driving the sport, perhaps this situation has been the right thing to do [door de FIA]but you can’t judge it if not all the details are on the table. We are now in the position to monitor the situation. We are not happy with what happened. It forced us all to be competitive against Ferrari, it was difficult to master. Let’s wait to see how the season starts, then we’ll redefine our position and we’ll do the same in consultation with the other teams.

Mercedes and Red Bull are out of alignment on that other controversial point, the DAS system. But in the matter against Ferrari they can find each other very well. Red Bull team boss Christian Horner hopes Ferrari will agree to publish details of the settlement. “It is not very clear if there is an agreement on the legality of a car, but that it has not become known,” said Horner. “Something like that immediately makes you think of the content of the agreements, what has actually been agreed. As far as we are concerned, it is simple: a car is legal or illegal. Questions have been asked to the FIA. They have indicated that they do want to make it public, but they also need permission from the other party that signed it, it is only suspicious if there are secret agreements about the legality and conformity of a car, it would be healthy for the sport to put it on the table and see what it actually means. The FIA ​​is willing to do that. It would be great if Ferrari would do the same to end this once and for all. “

Wolff and Horner’s call, however, catches bluntly at Ferrari team boss Mattia Binotto. He believes that the secrecy of the settlement is in the interest of the project. “First of all, it was not a clear violation of the rules, otherwise we would have been disqualified immediately last year. In addition, we do not want to make it public due to the confidential information in the documents. No one wants such information about our project to be exposed.”