Mercedes-Benz gives insight into winter test EQA

It may be a mental switch, but in the video we are taken to the snowy Swedish landscapes for the winter tests of the EQA. The EV, designed in Sindelfingen in Germany, can show its best side in winter in Arjeplog in northern Sweden. The cold winter weather is one of the biggest challenges for EVs to beat. In the winter months, owners see the range of their EV deteriorate by the degree.

Michel Möller, team leader of the winter tests of the EQA, explains in the video which tests the new electric car undergoes. For example, in a cold store the temperature is brought down to -25 degrees to see how the batteries hold up under these conditions. The Benz travels miles on vast frozen lakes to see how the road is. It also looks at how the interior and exterior parts and all functions hold up: from winter tires to the navigation system.

After all the tests, the EQA is driven on a bridge and the technicians examine the car from head to toe. For example, it is checked how much snow has remained in the wheel arches and all collected data is read immediately.

In the video, the EQA is still provided with a thick layer of plastic to hide the carriage from the outside world. However, Mercedes-Benz is unable to ensure that it is not clear that the EQA has many similarities with the regular GLA. Although not much is known about specifications, we count on an electric range of about 400 kilometers. By the end of 2022, Mercedes-Benz plans to have ten fully electric cars in its range.