Men’s romance’Rambo’ reopened… The general reorganization of special forces that often appear in movies

■’Rambo’, the pronoun of war heroes, returns to the screen after 38 years

‘Rambo’, a muscular man with an M60 machine gun wrapped around his body.

Hollywood giant Sylvester Stallone adapts David Morel’s novel “First Blood” (1972) to the movie’Rambo’ (1982), and has become synonymous with special forces movies by creating a new action icon called’John Rambo’.

Sylvester Stallone, who became a living legend in the action world through the’Rambo’ series, which is known as the oldest action series in which one actor starred in the same role, not only fully digested’Rambo’ as an actor, but also the’Rambo’ series. He was also directly involved in production. Having dreamed of becoming an actor and writer at the same time, he joined the scriptwriting work for’Rambo’ when he escaped from the unknown life with the movie’Rocky’.

After writing the screenplays for’Rambo 2’and’Rambo 3′, which was popular afterwards, as well as’Rambo: Last War’, the ending part of the 2019 series, he performed an action that was not so awkward even at the age of over 70. Series fans Enthusiasm.

His use of weapons such as guns, swords, and bows and concealment techniques that he showed in the film became the bible of action movies and influenced numerous junior producers and actors.

The movie’Rambo’ is an action blockbuster depicting a war-like fight in which Rambo, a member of the Special Forces Green Beret, who fought in the Vietnam War, went to a local village to find an old comrade and collided with the police. Rambo was confronted by the village’s sheriff because of his poor appearance and was interrogated without knowing the English language. In the process of being interrogated, he escapes the police station, recalling the painful memories of the war, but soon he is pursued by the police and the National Guard.

Rambo to confront them by using terrain or creating booby traps. Even in the faceless expression, the gleaming eyes radiate an intense aura.

Rambo screams, “The war is not over yet, the war continues.” 7 years after the war’s ended, Rambo screams to Colonel Sam, the former boss, who came to rejoice. Vomit.

The accusations that had to be heard when returning from a war without cause. On the Vietnam battlefield, there were colleagues to help each other, but no one helps each other in their home country. Even a veteran of the reversal, who skillfully consumed a $1 million weapon, couldn’t even find a position as a parking guard on the mainland. And even now, like a nightmare, the devastating killing of coworkers who bother him. Rambo cries like a child, and the colonel, who learns of the tragedy behind a terrible incident, can do nothing but hug Rambo.

It conveys the message that war produces only victims, whether they win or lose.

‘Rambo’, which depicts the first fight of the legend action character Rambo, will meet again on the big screen on the 25th, 38 years after its release in Korea in 1983.

■ What kind of unit is the special forces that often appear in movies?

Men’s Roman Special Forces. It is an elite unit that specializes in guerrilla warfare, assassination of factors, destruction, search, espionage, psychological warfare, and counter-terrorism warfare.

What kind of units are Green Beret, Delta Force, Navy Seal, DevGru, Ranger, SAS, etc. that often appear in movies?

The United States has the largest number of special forces in the world. The US one-year defense budget is a whopping 1,000 trillion won. It is undeniable that the U.S. Special Forces is also the world’s best in scale and power.

▲ Green Berets (US Army Special Forces)

The US Army Special Forces is more famous under the name Green Beret.

The crew wore green berets that weren’t the original conquest, but when President Kennedy who visited the unit saw it and said it was cool, the officer at the briefing reported that “it is not allowed by military regulations.” The following year, Kennedy granted permission to wear a green beret on a presidential special order. Since then, Green Beret has become their symbol and nickname.

Green Berets, which are specialized guerrilla warfare units, usually infiltrate deep behind enemy territory and stay for long periods of time to carry out disturbance, guerrilla warfare, guerrilla troop training and training, special reconnaissance, and counter-terrorism warfare. Even after learning a local foreign language and passing the screening over several months, it is trained through a rigorous process that repeats various training for two years until it is possible to put into practice.

It was put on missions such as the Vietnam War, the invasion of Panama, the collapse of the Taliban regime, and the training of special warfare troops in Iraq.

During World War II, those who were trained in special warfare were the beginning, but the organization was reorganized in response to President Kennedy’s request to’build a unit with flexible coping ability in any battle.’ At this time, the smallest unit ’12 people per team’ applied by most special forces such as Korean special forces was formed.

The film’Rambo’ series and’Green Beret’ (1968) starring John Wayne, who is famous for Western films, and ’12 Soldiers’ (2018) starring Chris Hemsworth, Michael Shannon, and Michael Pena.

▲ Navy Seal (NAVY SEAL, US Navy Special Forces)

“The Only Easy Day Was Yesterday”

Seal means SEa, Air and Land, an all-weather unit capable of naval, air, and ground operations. UDT (Underwater Destroyer) was the predecessor and was founded in 1962 by President Kennedy. From the Vietnam War to Panama, the Gulf War, Iraq, Afghanistan, etc., it is a unit that has played a great role in the big part of the US’s modern past life.

The known number of people is about 2400 people in 10 teams. (The team unit is different from the Green Beret)

The main task is to fight and hit the real battle. Compared to other special forces, there are many members, so it feels like a low-end special force, but its combat power is awesome. Go through the famous hell lord training.

It appears most often in movies and is the most familiar special force to the general public.

The protagonist of’American Sniper’ sniper Chris Kyle served in Navy Seal Team 3, and in the movie’Lone Survival’, it was Team 10 who suffered tremendous personal damage from the crash of a Chinook helicopter.

Ridley Scott’s’G. I. Jane’ (1997), which became a hot topic when Hollywood beauty star Demi Moore pushed her head, talks about a hypothetical story of a woman entering the course of navigating machos.

‘Act of Baller’ (2012) has an excellent sense of realism by making full use of actual operations, tactics, and equipment, as well as the appearance of real active Seal members. Thanks to the full support from the U.S. Navy, scenes using various real military equipment that are difficult to shoot with stuntmen or bands are spread out, and you can enjoy the extreme realism.

▲ Ranger (RANGER, 75th Ranger Regiment)


During the Normandy landing operation, the word’Rangers will be at the forefront’ is the first to be used in operations that are large enough to convey so far. Together with the Green Beret, the Civil Psychology Corps, and the 160 Special Warfare Corps, it forms the core of the US Army Special Warfare Command. It can be dispatched anywhere on the planet within 18 hours to begin the operation.

Rangers are units that quickly attack the enemy, capture the target, and defend the area until the next troops arrive. Unlike other special forces that move quietly with only a personal weapon, they fight aggressively, so their own firepower is also powerful. It is a combat unit that is more specialized in reconnaissance, search, and direct strike than small missions such as infiltration, assassination, and detonation. It also serves to support other special forces such as Green Beret in special warfare situations.

The 1st Ranger Battalion, which is the root of the 75th Ranger Regiment, was the leading player who suffered heavy damage during World War II and succeeded in the Omaha Beach landing operation.

As a long-standing history, they appear as regulars in movies, including’Save Private Ryan’ by Steven Spielberg, played by Tom Hanks and Met Damon,’Black Hawk Down’ by Ridley Scott, and’Resident Evil’, featuring Josh Hartnett and Ewan McGregor Mila Jovovich of the series and Tony Ja of the’Og Bak’ series created a two-top new hero series’Monster Hunter’.

▲ 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment

While analyzing the reasons for the failure of the Iranian embassy hostage rescue operation, he felt the need for a special operation helicopter unit and created it. Helicopter pilots are the main unit. Special forces usually use helicopters to carry out operations, so it doesn’t fall like licorice in a drugstore. However, even if the operation is successful, there is a tendency to see the light behind other special forces.

The low-noise stealth helicopters mobilized for the killing of bin Laden, and the helicopters that crashed in the movies’Black Hawkdown’ and’Lone Survival’ belong to the 160th Special Aviation Operations Regiment.

As it is an elite unit, it must go through a rigorous selection process called’Green Planton’. It has about 2700 pilots.

▲ US Army Civil Psychology Flyer

Little information is known. It consists of a civil brigade, a psychological operations battalion, and a number of intelligence operations. It supports intelligence and psychological warfare not only to the army but also to other forces.

In movies, they often pass short but important information to the protagonist and appear as a disappearing role.

▲ Level 1 (Tier 1) Special Forces’Delta Force’ and’Devgro’

Unless they are deceased or retirees, most of their faces in the photos are mosaicized to avoid exposure.

The two units in Tier 1 are under the command of the Special Warfare Command (SOCOM), which nominally controls all special forces, including land, sea, air, and marine, but under the command of the Joint Special Warfare Command (JSOC) directly under the White House.

‘Tier’ refers to a grade divided based on the importance of missions performed by the Special Forces under the Special Warfare Command and the size of the expenditure budget. Tier 1 performs missions directly directed or approved by the US President. In addition to Delta Force and DevGru, the Tier 1 Special Forces include the US Air Force’s 24th Special Tactical Battalion, which is composed of Special Intelligence Units and CCTs.

The official name of Delta Force is’Delta Operation Contingent of the 1st Army Special Forces’ and is designated as ACE (Army Compartmented Elements). The Green Beret was divided into three divisions: A (Alpha), B (Bravo), and C (Charlie). In addition, it originated from the existence of the D (Delta) contingent, which convenes in secret and works. Green Beret selects’best talent’ and selects only a few after strict screening.

It was founded in November 1977 by Charles Beckweed, a former Special Forces officer and former British Army Airborne Special Forces (SAS) after the 1972 terrorist attacks in Munich Olympics. Feeling the need for a new special force focused on direct strikes like SAS, he persuaded the military leadership.

Although the existence was kept secret, it was exposed due to the failure of the Iranian embassy hostage rescue operation. Due to the painful operation failure at this time, the remaining operations were handed over to Navy Seal Team 6 (Devgro).

Delta Force disguises itself as a civilian at enemy locations to obtain information, and handles kidnappings and assassinations of factors, counter-terrorism operations or preventive operations, and much more covert and sensitive matters than other special forces that the government cannot officially carry out. .

They often wear long hair, dyed, and wear plain clothes as much as possible, and usually stay like civilians. It was these people who captured Hussein in the war in Iraq.

During the invasion of Panama in the 1980s, the then dictator Manuel Norie launched an arrest operation. In 1991, during the Gulf War, it was put into the Iraqi army’s’Scud hunting operation’ to induce an air bombardment against a Scud missile mobile launch vehicle. In 2013, Abu Anas al-Rivi, a senior al-Qaeda commander who led the simultaneous bombing of the US Embassy in Kenya and Tanzania, was kidnapped from Tripoli, Libya, and brought it to the US mainland for trial.

Many of the former members speak two to three foreign languages ​​and have doctorate degrees. There is no unit mark, and the patch is removed even when wearing a military uniform.

As for the film,’Delta Force’ (1985) starring Chuck Norris is the most recognized film. Although it appears in’Black Hawkdown’, there are cases where only a short amount appears in several movies, like a unit with nothing known.

DEVGRU stands for US Naval Special Warfare Development Group, and is the changed name of Navy Seal’s elite seal team 6. The team that killed bin Laden in the’Neptune Spear’, the killing operation of Osama bin Laden. It is the most elite of the SEAL teams, and it forms a double wall with Delta Force belonging to the Army.

In 1982, he obtained information about the US President Ronald Reagan’s assassination group and infiltrated the camp through the coast of Libya, killing a six-member assassination group and about 30 Libyan soldiers. It is regarded as an example of a strong counter-terrorism strategy that punishes in advance of the occurrence of terrorism.

In April 2009, he rescued Richard Phillips, captain of the Alabama Musk, which was kidnapped by Somali pirates. The operation ended with just three snipers. The movie’Captain Phillips’ was produced based on this.

There are many cases of failure. It is considered one of the greatest tragedies that a total of 31 people, including 22 crew members, and 1 military dog ​​were killed in the fall of a CH-47 helicopter in Afghanistan in August 2011 by an RPG-7 rocket.

In January 2017, he was put into a strike operation in the Yemen branch of al Qaeda and killed 14 enemies, but Sergeant William Owens was killed. It was the first operation after President Donald Trump took office. President Trump and daughter Ivanka attended the ceremony of Sergeant Owens.

‘Delta Force or DevGruña, who is stronger’ is also a regular debate, and it is said that DevGru is ahead in recognition. This is because there are more movies featuring Navy Seals or Dev Grows than Delta Force movies.

Movies include’Zero Dark Thirty’,’Codename Geronimo’, and’Captain Phillips’ directed by Kathleen Biglo, which deals with the killing operation of Osama bin Laden.

In addition to the US Special Forces, there are powerful Special Forces in the global village.

▲ SAS (Special Air Service, British Army Airborne Special Forces)

It is called the beginning of special forces. Their motto is “The reckless win.”

British Army Special Forces, founded in 1941, and the eldest brother of the World Special Forces. It carries out various operations including anti-guerilla warfare, direct strike, counter-terrorism operation, hostage rescue, and covert reconnaissance. It is the father of the counter-terrorism unit and is called the first modern war counter-terrorist unit.

Based on various performance data and operational experience accumulated from the past, it is mentioned as the highest peak of special forces until modern times, and is gaining its reputation.

However, since the 2000s, when the GWOT (war on terror) began, the U.S. military special warfare command is proud of its tremendous prowess, so it is said that it may be pushed out of its ability to Tier 1 units under the US JSOC.

Together with the British Navy Special Forces SBS (Special Boat Service), they form the main pillar of the British Special Forces.

At present, the SAS is composed of the 22nd Airborne Special Forces Regiment under the British Special Warfare Command and the 21st and 23rd Air Special Forces Regiment (full-time reserve personnel) under the British Army’s 1st Intelligence Surveillance Reconnaissance Brigade.

SAS was founded during World War II and engaged in various activities, but was dismantled after the war in 1945, but the need for special forces was raised even during peace, and in 1947, the 21st Airborne Special Forces Regiment, a part-time full-time reserve corps It was founded, and the need for additional active special forces was raised, and the 22nd Airborne Special Forces Regiment was born in 1952.

In 1980, during the hostage case of the Iranian embassy in England, he successfully carried out Operation Nimrod and gained worldwide fame. SAS is the founder of the counter-terrorism field, which has had a great influence on modern counter-terrorism units around the world. It is also active in the Sahara Desert, the Amazon jungle, and Antarctica.

As a member of the Commonwealth, Australia has SASR and New Zealand has NZSAS.

There is a movie’Bravo Two Zero’ set in the background of a true story from the first Gulf War. ‘Bravo Two Zero’ is the radio call name of the team the main character was in.

▲ GIGN (Groupe d’Intervention de la Gendarmerie Nationale) is a representative anti-terrorist unit belonging to the French National Military Police. Of course, he also performs various special operations overseas. He is also good at guards and reconnaissance missions. In the field of counterterrorism, it boasts the world’s best level of self-confidence.

In resolving the kidnapping case of Air France Flight 8969 in 1994, its excellence and name became widely known to the world. On the GIGN introduction homepage, it keeps showing off.

Focusing on the shooting skills of each crew, it maintains skills by shooting more than 300 shots per person per day. One GIGN unit consumes about 60% of the training ammunition that 100,000 regular French soldiers will consume each year. It is also a feature of GIGN that all of the Daewon are equipped with precision shooting capabilities, so no special snipers are designated.

One of the most exciting films about their activities is’Assault’ (2010), which depicts the case of the Islamic armed group GIA kidnapping an Air France airliner carrying 220 passengers on December 24, 1994.

▲ Spetsnaz

It refers to the special forces of Russia and the CIS. They mainly refer to special forces with the best size and ability, and there are several groups.

From the time of the Toxic War, the Soviet Union operated special forces to infiltrate armed personnel in the occupied areas of Nazi Germany to steal and disrupt German traffic and logistics information. The modern-day Spetsnaz was first founded in the 1950s.

The Alpha Group is the most famous of Russia’s counter-terrorism units. It was organized in 1974 and is considered an elite member of the Federal Security Agency. Approximately 700 people. They are mainly stationed in Moscow and other places in Krasnodar, Yekaterinburg and Khabarovsk. Complete airborne training, mountain march, and explosive dismantling training. They are always given the latest weapons, and some soldiers use custom weapons that suit them.

The Bimpel Group was known as an assassination and operation unit belonging to the National Security Council during the Cold War. Today, they act as counter-terrorism missions and counter-operation units. Unlike Alpha, it is trained mainly inside airplanes and entering buses, and can adapt to various environments. They receive training in 18 fields, including martial arts, armored vehicle driving, airplane control, and medical care. It is responsible for the security of nuclear power plants, hydroelectric power plants, and industrial complexes. They regularly send troops to Chechnya, with their headquarters in Moscow.

There is a Russian film ‘1942: Spetsnaz, the most elite special force’ (2015).

Reporter Kim Shin-sung’s tip-‘If you know in advance, it’s twice as fun’

First of all, when descending with a parachute, you must boldly throw yourself into the sky. Hesitation or momentary delay is not tolerated. This is because maintaining the gap is important. It shouldn’t be too much to interfere with the operation due to the fact that the point of fall with your colleagues is too wide.

The dizzying moment during the descent is when the parachute unfolds. When the parachute is opened after the gas escapes, it rises about 7 to 10m as if it is sucked back into the sky by air resistance, and fear sometimes strikes.

When landing on the ground, the impact delivered to the ankles and knees will vary depending on the weather of the day or the conditions of the drop zone, but you can think of it as jumping from a height of about 1.5-2m.

And the automatic rifle should be like a part of my body. In particular, always move the scale of the rifle in front of your eyes so that you can accurately respond at any time.

As shown in the movie, you have to inform your colleagues about your actions during a battle. Before throwing a grenade, he shouts’grenade’ and’changing’ when changing bullets.

When a grenade thrown by an enemy falls between our team members, it is the rule that the nearest member or the member who sees it first throws the body and attacks it. Any delay will kill or injure everyone. This is why teamwork is the most important.

The body of a Special Forces member is not a bodybuilder’s rugged’crowned’ muscles. It is a’survival’ muscle that withstands heat and cold well, heals easily, and has a feeling of tension suitable for long running or hanging.

Now, your body has turned into these very muscles. It was equipped with advanced equipment and weapons from head to toe. Now enter the screen and follow the leader’s orders, rescue the kidnapped factor with the crew, and complete the mission of subduing the enemy or terrorist organization.

Regain your childhood childhood and achieve the romance of men. Now, Go Go!

Senior Reporter Shinsung Kim [email protected]

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