It’s a year and a half ago Angers he lost as much as 23 kilograms in five months and changed his life. Have the holidays left a pound or is it diligently sticking to a healthy lifestyle? ‘Oh, I’m not holding on. (laughs) Even when we were talking about my ‘fit’ life, it was like this: When I go into a ‘fit’ life, I’m completely committed to it, and then there comes a period when I’m tempted by food and life without sports. I don’t know how to balance as I should, but that’s my way of life. I am now in a period where I am convinced that it is time to start playing sports again. But the children are very lively and I spend a lot of energy with them, “ says the daughter’s father Diore in sina Brandy, who are the grandchildren of the legendary singer Brandi, since Anže is married to Tino, Brandi’s daughter. “So I’m with the kids all day: I have my two, and then there’s the kids from school, since I started working at the school in September. I am currently at home, I have a free hour, as we have quarantine at school and I work remotely with students. However, this is different from personal contact, explaining the material on the screen, “ says Angers.


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At the end of autumn, they released the waltz Lepa si, now they are creating new songs and waiting for better times.

They are waiting for better times

Last year, all three of us confided in them that they want to learn to ride motorcycles. Did they succeed? “We always talked about buying motorcycles and traveling together. We rode a motorcycle for the video for the regiment When I Think of You, but in reality none of us still have a motorcycle exam, “ Anže tells us with a laugh about his plans. “It simply came to our notice then. However, we meet regularly in the studio when this is allowed. We will use this time, when we don’t have performances, to produce new songs and to spend time with our families. “

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All three Gads are passionate about motorcycles, but none have an exam.