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“Have courage in the great calamities of life, and patience in the little ones: and when thou hast done diligently, thou shalt sleep.
God is awake. ”

(Victor Hugo)


(March 21-April 20) Aries are constantly overwhelmed with energy and desire to act in the Aries, and float incessantly before their eyes to surpass others and break to the forefront. To achieve this, you can do anything. Due to its suddenness, it doesn’t even morph into lengthy possible consequences, but cuts into the middle of things. Work, service is now becoming the most important. When you are in a leadership position, be understanding – only critique others in very justified cases! In the second half of the week, you will welcome any mental challenges. You’re almost waiting for you to have a word duel with someone or otherwise prove your aptitude.

Karmic task: As long as you carry the wounds within you, you have created your old pain over and over again. So it doesn’t matter how you live and what you do with others. This applies to the past, the present and the future.


(April 21-May 21) It’s time for a hearty tidy up. Mars gives you so much energy that you can move walls with your bare hands. In the middle of the week, you will not only be the most beautiful and attractive in the eyes of your partner. You enchant others with your kindness. Your popularity is growing. Don’t waste this successful period! Gather friends and benefactors! Any opportunity to flirt, fall in love, or get a glimpse into the spiritual lives of others is to your liking. You firmly believe that you are unavoidable in emotional matters. This period is suitable for achieving long-term, energy-intensive and high-level goals.

Your karmic task: Unfolding, taking down the pattern of sacrifice is nothing more than looking at it, looking at how I created what I am in at the moment with my decisions and choices. And to ask the question, what else can I choose, which will create a different kind of future for me.


(05.22.– 06.21.)

Not just a physically active zodiac sign, but also in the head. His thoughts zigzag without stopping, more and more ideas popping out of his head. Whether these are good or bad, he doesn’t really care: if he thinks it’s cool, he steps into the field of deeds without hesitation. You can expect romance at work. You’re attractive, but you don’t expect to be held accountable for your actions. As a single, you let your friends down for the sake of romance, and as a family, you have to account for your time at home. In some cases, you may be tactless, impatient, frustrated. You cling to your profession with a pure heart, but the trouble is you don’t keep up with the age.

Karmic task: Inhibition can also come from our previous lives, or by leaving us inherited from family karma, when in one of our previous lives we have denied the voice of the heart, the desire of the heart, and then inherited this block through incarnations. Unprocessed feelings, grievances, pains form blocks around the heart chakra. We identify and raise awareness in order to process what we need.


(06.22 – 07.22) Hard to understand, suddenly classified or classified. It’s true that you’re a reticent, sensitive, and distinctly spiritual type, but that doesn’t mean you don’t hold surprises for those around you. The dominant celestial body of Cancer is the Moon, which means it has a big impact on your personality. You can’t find a better time to look for building relationships either. You approach everyone with lots and lots of emotion, and you get that from others. Your attraction is so special that no one can resist. It is not important to look for love and a future party in everyone. Rather, long-term storage of emotional ammunition that can be stored anywhere, anytime is what is important to you now.

Karmic task: If you constantly feel you won’t have enough time in a single lifetime to get the answers for the purpose of your life. It does well to travel a lot and explore distant horizons. You can do this physically, but also mentally. You have to grow spiritually, spiritually. You have to learn not to live in the past, as thanks to your brilliant abilities you can remember anything if you have to recall something from there.


(07.23 – 08.23) You’re in an idealistic mood, although that’s usually typical of you anyway. You think what you decide or feel cannot be any different. You find your opinion unshakable and unappealable. At home, if you’re playing a little theater, you can almost wrap those involved around your finger. This is where this topic comes into play, as you have no choice but to manage your own and your personal life in a beautiful, calm way. Work and the money you can earn with it will take up the rest of your time. You have no reason to complain. You work passionately, you also take on extra work. That means more money. If you study, you will be successful, unbeatable.

Karmic task: clean up human relationships, break old attachments, addictions, loosen ties! If we destroy the minority feeling, we create emotional stability.



There are also three very important celestial bodies that bring happiness, energy and joy to your birthmark. Now all good is falling into your lap. Your private life is developing favorably, you are showing a special, lovable face that emerges from the usual isolation. Not only do you show, but you still think and live. You make new relationships only on an emotional basis. From the second half of the week less or more thoughtful. You want to know too much. Curiosity drives him all week. You would not miss a single social event. For old couples, the end of the week is ideal to further consolidate their togetherness with a joint program.

Karmic task: As a result of the solutions, things around us are speeding up a lot. We’re starting to clean up surprisingly quickly.


(09.24–10.23) You have to live more restrainedly, frugally! Of course you’re not happy about that. Unfortunately, now you are trying in vain and looking for alternatives in vain, you have to get by with what is. Be glad you have an almost magical attraction! You don’t have to spend and live on your feet to enjoy appreciative glances. Believe me, this is enough for self-esteem. You are not idle. You are a true type of lover, which is now especially for your benefit. If you are alone, it is easy to imagine you running into someone who will be the knight or queen of your dreams. Of course, you need to be free for that. You will be helpful and compassionate. Everyone who needs it can count on you.

Karmic task: If you feel like any area of ​​your life isn’t working, if you don’t see a way out, if you’ve tried everything, then you need to know it’s not your way. You are not living your life task, you are unhappy.


(10.24-11.22) He is inspired only by what he is really interested in, in which he sees imagination and special possibilities. In order to get the most out of it in every field, stability is important to him, and he himself strives to provide predictable performance, and they know exactly what can be expected when needed. Relationships are going well this week. They help, support, selflessly give good advice. Your intuitions also work well. Always listen to your inner voice. Your desire to act is huge on Fridays and Saturdays. You don’t want to relax at all, but you don’t need it now. You will be energetic, enterprising, active. You also pay attention to the details: you unpack the things in the closet, you select.

Karmic task: Any encounter can only take place when the soul is purified and ready for it. You can also consider this as your starting point.


(11.23-12.21) In material matters, progress is certain. There will probably be a pay raise, maybe a reward before the holidays. In any case, this is already an amount you can count on in the long run. You may be getting a new job, or maybe an extra request. You make only emotional decisions in your family, in your private life. Sometimes it wouldn’t hurt to weigh in because traps can lurk in you. Venus will be active in your birth certificate for another day or two. Take advantage of this positive effect! You love it passionately, but it’s also important that the relationship holds its place on the intellectual side. The middle of the week in particular favors emotional development. Hold back on finances! Someone wants to take advantage of your good faith.

Karmic task: The fulfillment of love lies in how prepared we are to reopen our hearts. Life is short to live in an unfulfilled relationship.


(12.22-01.20) Some malicious remarks can upset your mood. Before you get annoyed, see who you got the review from! You can see, the whole thing is often superficial, frivolous. There is a lucky stage in love and private life. In some cases, your closed-minded nature dissolves so much that it surprises those closest to you with your openness. You say yes to every challenge. Believe me, a rare good and active week awaits. No matter how big a tree you cut an ax, you will have strength, faith, perseverance to carry out your determination. The Sun in Capricorn boosts your relationship in a unique way. It is characterized by fire and sensuality.

Karmic task: A lot of times you feel like you’re carrying a burden on your shoulder that isn’t even yours. You carry a bundle of your ascenders, or you repeat the entrenched family karma again. These weeks are perfect for unlocking these blocks. It can be solved with the help of writing, meditation, hypnosis.


(01.21–2.19) For Aquarius, the average, the ordinary, and the mediocre are simply unbearable. He is always special, creative, he wants to be nothing. This is not easy to achieve and almost impossible to maintain in the long run. However, he mostly succeeds. A big part of this is that his mind is unique, we can say without exaggeration that no one can think with the head of an Aquarius. Not a single detail will escape your attention if you have to comment on something. In the case of an occupation where you teach, teach, or spend your retirement years, this vigilance is especially good now. Your opinion is correct, although sometimes you can run into someone’s self-esteem despite your best intentions. Don’t be offended when you complain!

Karmic task: Change your vibrations to be with the ideal companion for you! Don’t want to understand unintelligent people at all costs, and acknowledge that hatred is the sister of nonsense!


(02.20.-03.20.) From time to time, the green-eyed monster will hit you in the head, but now you have much stronger confidence than doubt. Stay that way, because unreasonable jealousy based on assumptions leads nowhere! A new, passionate creative period awaits in your profession. The time has come to implement deep thoughts, well-thought-out, planned ideas. When you live in a relationship, you take control. Your ideas are determined. You are generous not only to your partner, but also to kinship. Sometimes, though, look at your bank account so you don’t overspend!

Karmic task: Find out the reasons for your current situation! Find the tricks you can use to create more harmony for yourself and your environment!

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