Yes Meghan Markle she didn’t feel well in the British royal family, now everyone knows. However, the actress has now added fuel to the hot fire.

Vojvodinja is currently suing the media house, which owns quite a few influential media outlets, as she received a large number of untrue and malicious articles during her pregnancy. All the false allegations left her with huge consequences. She herself says they even harmed her mental health. All of these allegations were made by the 38-year-old American in new documents filed by her legal group in an ongoing legal case against well-known media. Among other things, part of the lawsuit is due to an article that published a handwritten letter she sent to her estranged father Thomas Markle. Marklova’s lawyers claim that the publication grossly infringed on her privacy. A record addressed to the court stated that Meghan felt restrained in her intention to defend herself against untruths in that situation at the time she was with the prince. Harry still performing royal duties.


Marklova also responded to allegations that the controversial articles were aimed at the public interest, as taxpayers helped pay for her marriage. “I vehemently deny such claims, as the wedding is expected to generate almost a billion euros in revenue, which outweighed the public money spent, which paid for the strict protection and control of the crowd. It is also unfortunate that some members of the royal family, say the princess Beatrice in Eugenie, also undertook paid work, but they did not receive such harsh responses as I received myself, “ said Meghan.