Meeting Needs, DFSK Now Presents Super Cab Ambulance

DAPURPACU – The need for an ambulance fleet during the Covid-19 pandemic increased significantly over the past three months. The unit is so needed as a means to transport patients to the screening of the bodies.

Various body works were coupled to meet these needs, which is currently dominated by many institutions and governments. No exception for PT Sokonindo Automobile, the agent holder of the DFSK brand in Indonesia.

By cooperating with an ambulance specialist body, PT Ambulance Pintar Indonesia (API), DFSK changed the appearance of the Super Cab into the unit.

Denny Perdana, Area Sales Manager of PT Sokonindo Automobile said, with the design of the DFSK lightweight commercial model, it became an ambulance unit because there was great potential there.

“Referring to the Secaa Electronic Procurement Service (LPSE), last year the number was able to reach 3,000 units. In 2020, with the current pandemic, maybe the increase could reach 15-20%, “he said, interrupted by a virtual media meeting last Thursday (2/7).

“DFSK sees that there is a need for consumers in the ambulance vehicle segment to support medical activities in Indonesia, which is getting bigger lately,” Denny added.

This ambulance unit is based on 1.3T Super Cab Diesel and 1.5L Gasoline, depending on customer orders. The API will provide all the desired needs to fill the interior.

From the exterior, the DFSK Super Cab Ambulance is equipped with an oval LED light bar and supported by a multi-sound siren complete with a mic, as well as a spotlight behind the spot light model.

Also provided an ambulance sticker, stainless steel back bumper protective plates, up to 60-80% window film to provide patient privacy inside.

Then for inside it is complete with various facilities needed by medical personnel in carrying out their duties of providing first aid to patients in need.

The Super Cab Ambulance is equipped with a patient bed with rails to make it easier to eject / insert into the car, a check lamp, a nurse’s seat with an equipment box, a sliding model infusion hanger, an oxygen BSS system, to a separation barrier between the driver’s cabin and the patient’s cabin.

Even to meet the mobility needs of Covid-19 patients, stretcher isolators are also available that are safe for patients and medical personnel on duty.

Denny said that the Super Cab Ambulance could be ordered in the entire DFSK official network in Indonesia. Concerning the price, DFSK does not fix the official price because it is related to customer demand.

According to Denny, the official official tag of the Super Cab Ambulance is according to the standard price and is added to the cost of the body and the equipment that is in the interior.

“We set (price) competitive, because it is very varied depending on demand. So, each agency or consumer needs a different specification, so that it really affects the price, “Denny added.

“We hope that this DFSK innovation can help medical workers who are struggling amidst the Covid-19 Pandemic and help patients who need help,” he concluded

The warranty is prepared for up to 1 year from the body, while the Super Cab guarantee for 3 years / 120,000 km (depending on what was achieved in advance). [dp/MTH]