Matovič called to stay at home, threatened us with Croatia, the Czech Republic and the closing of stadiums

If we are not disciplined, we will harm ourselves and we may lose our freedom once again. Igor Matovic talks about the “road to hell”.

At a press conference on Thursday after a meeting of the epidemiological council, the Prime Minister of the Slovak Republic Igor Matovič (OĽaNO) drew attention to the non-compliance with hygiene regulations during Wednesday’s hit of the Fortuna football league in Dunajská Streda. The match of the home DAC against the champion Slovan Bratislava was watched by more than 6,000 spectators.

“This is the way to hell. That’s exactly how we can go wrong. This must not be repeated. “ he said. The experts also decided to adjust the seating at sporting events on the basis of the mentioned football match.

Irresponsible people?

According to the Prime Minister, the recommended checkerboard seat was ignored. Every second row will have to stay free. “So that the organizers can check that people are following the rules,” Matovic said, adding that if it didn’t work, they would have to cancel such sporting events.

“If it doesn’t work, unfortunately, we will have to reverse gear and such sporting events will be canceled, because it will simply be a disproportionate risk.” said Matovic.

“We did not expect people to act in this way irresponsibly. We will have to deal with this case with the regional hygienist, “ added in connection with the match the chief hygienist of the Slovak Republic Ján Mikas.

The Prime Minister also informed that such events with more than 1,000 participants, where seating is not provided, will also be possible. The organizer will have to ensure the maximum number of participants, ten square meters per visitor.

The area will have to be divided into sectors, the entry will have to be controlled, the entry and exit to and from the sector should also be controlled. There will be a maximum of 1000 people in one sector, and tickets can only be sold online.

Holiday threats

Unpleasant news for thousands of vacationers are destinations
Bulgaria and Montenegro, which are no longer on the list of less risky countries. The regulation will probably be issued by the Public Health Office (ÚVZ) SR on Monday (July 6). It could apply from the morning.

If someone returns from there by Monday, they do not need a negative test yet. However, the rules will change, advises the chief hygienist Ján Mikas.

Mikas said that the changes would affect citizens returning from Bulgaria and Montenegro from that day. If holidaymakers return after this date, will already go to home isolation and a state test. According to the Prime Minister, the consortium of experts is still discussing this measure. According to him, the map of risky countries will be re-evaluated approximately every two weeks so that holidaymakers can better consider their journey.

Croatia and the Czech Republic have little to do with it

According to the president of the Slovak Society of Infectiouslogists Pavel Jarčuška, the situation in Croatia is also changing significantly. As he noted, the trip to the Adriatic needs to be considered. He pointed to two local outbreaks: Zagreb and Osijek.

Although these are two local outbreaks that are not by the sea, he said it could be risky. People from these outbreaks can, for example, travel to the sea over the weekend, says an infectologist.

“The situation in Croatia is almost second-wave, so be careful,” said Jarčuška after a meeting of experts. If the situation does not improve, the country may be on the less secure list. The Czech Republic is in a similar situation.

The Prime Minister Igor Matovič said that in the Czech Republic it is necessary to pay particular attention to the areas of Silesia and Prague. According to him, the situation is not developing positively. However, the cases are under control and are regional, he adds. According to Mikas, the reassessment of countries will probably be at two-week intervals.

“It’s best to stay home, because we’re the best in Europe so far,” remarked the Prime Minister.