Maternity and children’s wards closed at Madona Hospital: shortage of doctors

Due to the identified Covid-19 case and a shortage of doctors, the maternity and children’s wards were closed in Madona Hospital, a board member and medical director of Madona Hospital told LETA. Astrida Svilane.

As reported Portal, after the pediatrician on duty in the hospital, who works in another medical institution in the Madona Territory, was diagnosed with Covid-19, three doctors were quarantined, and as a result it turned out to be impossible to ensure the work of the children’s and maternity wards, so the next two weeks until quarantined workers receive permission from the Center for Disease Prevention and Control to return to work.

“We informed the Emergency Medical Services that these departments in our hospital are closed, so patients must be redirected to other medical facilities. In the hospital’s admission department they can remove a tick from the child, and help can also be obtained in case of injuries.

You can get medical help from the clinic and family doctors, “said Svilane, adding that in no case should the requirements for maintaining a distance of two meters and the requirements of hygiene be neglected, since anyone can be potentially contagious.

It was reported that after the pediatrician of Madona Hospital was identified Covid-19, 11 people were sent to home quarantine – three hospital employees and eight children.