The Information Commissioner has completed the application for checking the PCT condition, prepared by the National Institute of Public Health (NIJZ) and which should be in use from Monday. They will have to completely change the app.

The verification of the said condition against the opposition of caterers and tourist workers remains valid. They have been warning for a long time that a government decree requiring the verification of the PCT condition, according to which testing is chargeable, is non-life-threatening, as the conditions are not the same for everyone. The latter was explained in the informative show 24ur Zvečer by the head of the advisory group for covid-19 at the Ministry of Health Mateja Logar. As she said, the conditions for different activities are different because risk assessments differ. Where the risk of transmission is lower, PCT and regular testing are not required, but protective masks are required for both employees and visitors. In activities that require longer-term contacts, it is necessary to test employees and use protective masks for visitors, Logar explained.

We are coming in the fall

Without the PCT condition, certain activities would not be able to start operating as early in the spring as they are, she pointed out. And given that the virus will be present for some time to come and that infections will start to increase in the coming months, “since we are coming in the fall,” it is the PCT system that allows these activities to remain open. “Without this condition, in such an epidemiological situation, which is currently present and as we are forecast to have in the autumn months, unfortunately these activities will not be able to function fully,” she added in the show 24ur Zvečer.