Marvel grabbed Alien and Predator from his range.

Alien and Predator’s comic book adventures have long been home to Dark Horse Comics, but now the stable has changed.

IGN:n according to Alien and Predator comics will be published in the future by Marvel Comics, which has announced the issue by publishing a couple of new promos:

The pictures are e.g. Handwritten by David Finch, known from Ultimates and Batman.

Unfortunately, despite Finch’s delicious Predator image, Alien and / or Predator aren’t coming to march with Marvel’s superheroes, at least for now, but are adventuring in their own universe.

Marvel will announce future magazines or specials later.

Previously, Marvel has published comics e.g. Based on Star Wars movies – and continues to release, with obviously good success.

Dark Horse Comics managed to publish Alien and Predator comics from the late 1980s until this year.