Martínez-Almeida’s emotion at this image: “How many times have I cried”

David Benito via Getty Images

Martínez-Almeida in a recent act

José Luis Martínez-Almeida has become one of the most followed political figures as a result of the worst phases of the coronavirus. The mayor of Madrid has earned the recognition of colleagues, adversaries and even social networks (very scathing against him months ago), a field that has never stopped cultivating, especially in the harshest moments of the pandemic, with motivational messages to the population.

Now that the worst is over, other types of posts are allowed. And as he does not need much to remember that he is a fan of Atlético de Madrid, this Friday he released a very personal tweet with a photo of the remains that remain of the legendary mattress stadium, Vicente Calderón.

The image of the field reduced to a few concrete blocks in the middle of the M-30 thrills many Atleti fans and even outsiders at the Manzanares club. Almeida was not going to be less.

“How many times have I suffered, cried and laughed here (and many all in the same game …). There are things that transcend the value of merely soccer … El Calderón will always be linked to the memory and heart of Madrid, “wrote the PP politician in a sentimental tweet that was filled with interactions in a few minutes.

Of course some trolley has also been taken (it was impossible that it did not happen)