Marshmallow foam. Make them yourself and love this American delicacy!

Marhmallow foams are a sweet delicacy for Americans, and thus an absolute hit in the United States. In Poland, known under the name “Jojo” are especially liked by children, but adults also like them. They can be consumed in their pure form, but baking them over the fire, adding them to various desserts and even coffee is becoming more and more popular. Why do they owe their taste, how to make them yourself and in what form is best to cost them?

Sweet composition

It is not true that marshmallow marshmallows are sugar only. Yes, it is their basic ingredient, thanks to which they have even gained the name of “sugar marshmallows”, but they owe their light and fluffy consistency to other ingredients. They are: water and gelatin, and white powder is often replaced by honey or glucose syrup. If anyone thinks that marshmallows can have a devastating effect on their child’s health, these popular sweets can be made in the comfort of your own home.

The spongy mass made in the kitchen tastes similar to a shop product, and the preparation itself is great fun for both the child and the parent. There are no better memories than making sweets together. The big advantage of the home version of marshmallow is that you can modify their taste and color.

How to make marshmallow at home?

With this recipe you have to say openly: patience will be needed, but the effect is worth it! The necessary ingredients are:

  • glass of water;
  • 200 ml honey;
  • 3 tablespoons of gelatin;
  • 100 ml corn or maple syrup;
  • vanilla extract.

The first stage is dissolving gelatin in 100 ml of water. Honey, remaining water, selected syrup and vanilla are heated in a large pot until they boil. As soon as bubbles appear on the surface, count down 8 minutes. After this time, the mixture reaches the desired temperature of 116 degrees Celsius.

Then everything is poured into a dish with gelatin (it should be cooled). The ingredients combined in this way are mixed with a mixer until a smooth, stiff mass is achieved. It is put into a mold and spread with a wooden spoon so that it has a uniform height. Future marshmallow foams must lie around 6 hours. After cooling, simply cut them into cubes and it’s ready!

Baked tastes best

Americans have their favorite way to enjoy marshmallow. Stuffed on a stick and heated over a fire, they melt and a crispy shell forms around them. This is one of the scouts’ rarities and an integral part of every camping. The tendency to eat baked sugar marshmallows is increasingly seen on Polish grills. And no wonder, once you try them in this edition, you can not resist them.

However, if you don’t have time, buy it marshmallow foam from one of the online stores!