Margus Luige’s “Sulnis Saara” shines as the pearl of Haapsalu

Athlete Margus Luik wrote a love novel “Sulnis Saara”, where the main place of activity is the Haapsalu course hall. Malle-Liisa Raigla

Inspired by the pre-war summer life in Haapsalu, Margus Luik has written the novel “Sulnis Saara”. Malle-Liisa Raigla

Margus Luik from Haapsalu has made his literary debut with the novel “Sulnis Saara”, which is the first book in the new series “Summer Novel” by the publishing house Hea Lugu.

“Sulnis Saara” is a love novel, more precisely it is a summer romance. The main characters are Mark Stend, who came to Haapsalu to spend the summer in 1934, and the young dancer Saara Kask. One summer night, their paths intersect on a cruise ship in the middle of the dark sea, which is reached by a candlelit bicycle path. It is a course hall that Swan describes in this way.

It must be mentioned at once that Stend has also spent the summer in Haapsalu before and he can afford a pretty cool livelihood, which is offered by the money received from the sale of a childhood home in Tallinn. As a character, Mark Stend has succeeded quite well, but Saara Kask remains a bit mysterious and the author does not reveal all the reasons for her behavioral motives in the book. In any case, the reader can summarize the search himself here.

In the meantime, the love novel seems to be turning a criminal turn, because the woman’s first love Paul Pihlak, who admits to Mark that he is not a pleasant opponent when he goes to war with him, does not seem to watch Sarah and Mark’s romance. All the more so because according to Paul, he still has plans for the future with Sarah. Mark hears from a friend that Paul was suspected of a fire in a house in Sinalepa. The case was also widely heard in Western Life.

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