Mare Monstrum 2020: offenses against the sea growing in 2019

Mare Monstrum 2020: offenses against the sea growing in 2019

The Mare Monstrum 2020 report has been published by Legambiente, in the document highlighted the increase in 2019 of infringements to the detriment of the marine ecosystem.

Over 23 thousand attacks on the marine ecosystem last second year Mare Monstrum 2020. The annual report of Legambiente photographs a reassuring horizon for the protection of fish species and their habitat. Infringements registered by the Harbor Master’s Office and law enforcement agencies increased by 15.6% in 2019 (compared to 2018). Assets seized with a total value of 520 million euros, for a total of 6,486 seizures carried out (+ 11.2%).

Mare Monstrum report drawn up byNational Environment and Legality Observatory by Legambiente. The document also indicates that 52.4% of the infringements are located between Calabria, Campania, Puglia and Sicily. Illegal fishing is one of the major problems, which alone accounts for 22% of the attacks on the marine ecosystem.

From Legambiente also a reflection on the lockdown period caused by the pandemic of Coronavirus. According to the association during the quarantine, theimpact of man on nature:

For a few months we deluded ourselves that something could change, that nothing should necessarily return as before. We have witnessed how nature, without our intrusive presence, in many cases has recovered its spaces, we were moved by the bold tranquility of wild animals, by the suddenly crystalline streams as we had never seen them, by the dunes that they quickly regained the beaches, the clean sea.

With the Covid-19 pandemic and the long lockdown period, we had a clear demonstration of how negatively affected anthropic pressure on the ecosystem and, even more, how devastating the impact of illicit activities is. In the absence of industrial discharges, the rivers quickly cleaned up, but then, a few days after the restart, return to suffer the poisoning by the criminal offenders. In short, the illusion, unfortunately, soon vanished.

Mare Monstrum 2020 and Goletta Verde

From the numbers of Mare Monstrum 2020 the association starts again with Green schooner e Schooner of the Lakes. Giorgio Zampetti, general manager of Legambiente:

The data of Mare Monstrum and Golette last year tell us about waters in the throes of old and new threats. From the marine litter, to which must be added the dispersion of protective devices, illegal discharges and unauthorized use. For this reason, we are ready to start again with Goletta Verde and Goletta dei Laghi in a new formula for capillarity and diffusion. On the field, in 2020, an extraordinary citizen science operation, with hundreds of volunteers directly involved in water sampling and in the census of waste along the coasts.

Source: Legambiente