Several new developments are being introduced in MAN’s truck family, which was renewed last year. One of these is that from October, a digital rear-view mirror, called the Bavarian manufacturer OptiView, will be available as an option. An image of this can be viewed on the two large, high-resolution displays on the A-pillars and on the screen of the multimedia system. The driver can choose from several views, each of which consistently eliminates blind spots, improves visibility and, most importantly, significantly enhances the safety of other road users. The OptiView digital rearview mirror is also equipped with a cornering assist function.

Another important update is the new MAN CruiseAssist, which is a complex driving assistance system as it combines several functions at the same time. CruiseAssist is able to steer independently, braking on both highways and city traffic. The driver assistance system available for the TGX and TGS models does not take over the role of driver, as the driver has to keep his hands on the steering wheel at all times, but it undoubtedly adds a lot to safe driving. The new collision avoidance system is also designed to increase safety, making lane changes safer, as it can also prevent accidents with active counter-steering in the event of a collision.

MAN trucks are given digital rearview mirrors 1

During the technical upgrade of MAN trucks, the powertrain was not left untouched either. The new dynamic torque control function, available from July, and the reduction of idling speed when idling further reduce fuel consumption. The good news is that the TipMatic 12 transmission is now standard on standard semi-trailers and the GM and GX cabs have a revamped exterior awning. Thanks to this and the new digital rear-view mirrors, the appetite of MAN trucks can be reduced by 3.7 percent.

MAN trucks are given digital rearview mirrors 2

The Bavarian company will not leave the free MAN Driver App untouched either, as will the driver and vehicle performance analysis tool MAN Perform, which will be renewed by the beginning of 2022. The latter will offer new features such as automated fleet and driver reporting and the ability to include additional performance data.