Malaysia Prohibits Foreigners Praying at the Mosque

Saturday, July 4, 2020 – 09:40 WIB

Illustration of congregational prayers. Photo: ON / Laily Rahmawaty, PUTRAJAYA – The Malaysian government still prohibits Foreign Nationals (WNA) from attending a prayer at a mosque or a surau at the time of the movement’s restriction.

“Foreigners are still not allowed to take part in congregational prayers in mosques and suraus,” said the Minister in the Office of Prime Minister (Religious Affairs) Datuk Seri Zulkifli Mohamad in his explanation in Putrajaya on Friday (3/7).

Zulkifli said it must study reports from authorities such as the Federal Territory Islamic Religion Department (Jawi) about the situation in mosques and mosques before allowing foreigners to participate in congregational prayers.

“We want to see reports from Jawi and several other places. If the situation is stable and will not cause problems, then we can make a decision. We may be able to resolve this problem within a month or two,” he said.

Zulkifli in a previous statement said Friday prayers during the PKPP had been extended to the mosque and hall which were deemed suitable for the purpose.

“Mosques and mosques have been permitted to be used to carry out Friday prayers. Also permitted to maximize the use of their territory while ensuring compliance with the latest standard operating procedures,” he said. (ant / dil / jpnn)