Make a rain chain from old spoons

A rain chain is a wonderful decoration for your garden, but also a great way to recycle old materials. Our suggestion is to make one of the old spoons.

Rain chains are a wonderful way to harness the power of water. The principle is very simple, surface tension combined with gravity directs rain down your chain, which means that for little money you will get your own fountain in the yard, much more beautiful and charming than those that cost real wealth.

On Birds and blooms they used old spoons to make a rain chain in the blog.

Required material:

  • Buckets
  • Wire
  • Drill
  • pliers
  • Stega


To begin, determine how long you want your chain to be, and then, with the help of clamps and pliers, bend enough spoons to make a chain of the desired length. Bend only a wide part of the spoon, the handle should remain flat.

With approximately 12 spoons, cut off the wide part and leave only the handles, then drill a hole in the top of the handle, each spoon (and the ones with which you cut off the wide part).

Join the two spoons so that their bent parts face outwards. Insert one handle between these spoons so that the end protrudes slightly under the spoons that are bent, and that end should have a hole. Wrap with wire and tighten all the spoons just above the parts where they are bent and fasten well. Leave a little wire to attach the other two spoons. Repeat the procedure with the other spoons, and when you are done, assemble them with wires, through the holes you drilled, so that you make a chain.

At the very end, thread a piece of wire through the holes on the starting spoons and hang your rain chain in the place you want.

How do you like this idea?