Major innovation for the Van Gogh Museum website

The Van Gogh Museum has radically changed its website. The website, which is visited 8.5 million times a year, was created together with tech agency Q42 (development) and digital agency Dept (concept and design).

The complete museum collection of paintings, drawings and letters can be viewed on the new website. Visitors can zoom in on the brushstrokes of the artworks and see which works are currently in the museum.

Studio Dumbar (part of Dept) previously developed a new identity for the museum with a focus on the combination of color and the work of Van Gogh. The redesign of the website is an extension of this idea. Each page can have one of the colors in the color palette inspired by Vincent’s quest for color, from dark to light.

With the new ‘Vincent for Scale’ functionality, the actual size of a work can be seen at a glance, based on the body height of Van Gogh himself. By placing the painting next to a figure of Van Gogh, who was 1.64 meters tall, the visitor can see at a glance the true size of the work.

The website has also been optimized for screen readers who use blind and partially sighted people when navigating. The collection has also been made much more searchable and more substantive information is offered for interested parties.