Maine Coon cat: price, character and history

Maine Coon cat: price, character and history

The Maine Coon it is a cat to be counted among the largest and best known feline breeds and it is also quite widespread here in Italy: it is not difficult to find breeders or individuals with litters available. But are you sure you know all about Maine Coon? Here, then, is the appearance, character, color of the coat and the price of the “Maine raccoon”… This is the literal translation of his name.

History and origins

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The Maine Coon is one natural cat breed: it is one of the oldest in North America. The name derives from Maine, the state where it was most frequently sighted from “raccoon”, the English name of the raccoon or raccoon (their tail is very similar).

Due to its appearance, in the past it was thought to be the result of a cross between a lynx and a raccoon (which is somewhat reminiscent of the Norwegian: it was thought that it was the result of a cross between a lynx and a cat) . A legend even more fascinating is that the Maine Coon was born from six Angora cats rescued by Queen Marie Antoinette during the French Revolution.

Be that as it may, the Maine Coon is more likely to be simply the fruit of crosses between short-haired cats and long-haired cats originating in America since Felis silvestris was not present here. On the contrary: it could have progenitors in common with Norwegian Forest Cat. Another theory hypothesizes, however, that it arrived in America on ships, brought by sailors who used it for hunting mice.

Going to see the first official reports of Maine Coon, we have to wait until 1861. In Italy, however, the Maine Coon arrived only in 1986, even if since then it has spread a lot here.

Maine Coon: appearance and color of the coat

White Maine Coon cat
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The Maine Coon is a natural breed that originated in the United States. It’s a large cat, with semi-long hair. Come size, the weight it varies from 5 to 10 kg, although larger specimens, especially males, are reported.

The body is big, muscled and strong-boned, with a broad chest and a strong neck. The head has high cheekbones and a strong chin. The ears are large and broad at the base, carried high on the skull and pointed. They have tufts that come out of them and on the tip, like lynxes. The eyes they are large, oval and somewhat oblique. As colors they can be green, yellow-green, bronze or even odd. They are rarely blue.

The legs are large and round, with tufts of fur. The tail is long and bushy. The coat is long, thick and water repellent. It forms a voluminous ruff, while on the back of the neck it is shorter. Like coat colors all natural varieties are accepted:

All of these colors can be with white markings, brindle or even with a silver undercoat. However, the coat that is seen most is the black brindle (also striped), with white spots. Much sought after is the Maine Coon nero and the Maine Coon rosso. Colors indicating hybridization are prohibited:

  • chocolate
  • cinnamon
  • lilac
  • fawn
  • colorpoint

Often confused with the Norwegian Forest Cat, it is distinguished by several factors:

  • the Maine Coon has a curved nose bridge, while the Norwegian has a straight one
  • the head of the Maine Coon is square, that of the Norwegian triangular
  • the hind limbs of the Maine Coon are longer than the front ones

Maine Coon breed standard: flaws

They are considerate defects in the breed standard:

  • colori chocolate, cinnamon, lilac, fawn e colorpoint
  • hair of homogeneous length
  • small size
  • small ears
  • straight profile
  • round or pointed muzzle

How to take care of the coat?

Being a semi-long haired cat, some is needed brushed plus in Maine Coon. This also serves to prevent it from ingesting too many dead hair, since it does one abundant moult. Ears and eyes should be cleaned if necessary with specific products. Given the size as adults, it is better to accustom the Maine Coon as a puppy to all these maneuvers, including nail cutting (also because being able to convince an adult 10 kg cat who has never had his ears cleaned to do it once he has grown up, can be a bit complicated).

Character of the Maine Coon

Red Maine Coon kittens
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The Maine Coon character makes it perfectly suitable for cohabitation with humans. It is an active cat and curious, loves to play and is a lot intelligent. For this reason he is also trainable: you can safely teach him the game of fetch. Extremely habitual, it adapts well to live in families with children and also with the elderly. The only drawback, in this case, is the weight, perhaps not easily manageable for the most fragile elderly.

He is cheerful, sociable and affectionate. He loves being in company and does not meow excessively. He can live safely at home, as long as he enriches the environment so that he can run and move, otherwise he gets bored. If socialized well from an early age, they can too living with dogs. Attention, however, to living with fish, hamsters or birds: he has a high instinct for hunting.

Nutrition, health and disease

Speaking of health, beyond the classics illnesses that all cats can contract, so in Maine Coon we need to pay particular attention to:

  • hereditary hypertrophic cardiomyopathy
  • spinal muscular atrophy
  • pyruvate kinase deficiency
  • hip dysplasia
  • polycystic disease (mainly kidney and liver affected)

Come Power supply, the Maine Coon requires one diet balanced: being a narrow carnivore like all cats, it needs proteins of animal origin of high biological value accompanied by the right ration of fats, carbohydrates, fibers, vitamins and fatty acids. Given its size, it is a cat that requires a good amount of daily food.

How much does a Maine Coon puppy cost?

Maine Coon cats
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If you are wondering how much does a Maine Coon puppy cost, well, the price varies from 500 to 1,100 euros on average. However, you may find puppies or adults sold at higher prices as well. The cost, in fact, is also influenced by the bloodline, by the genealogy, by the rarity or not of that coat color and also by the fact of taking a show cat or a breeder.

Where to find a Maine Coon?

By doing a quick search on the net, you can find Maine Coon farms with puppies and adults for sale. It is also possible to find individuals who have the couple and have litters. The important thing is to always request the Pedigree: it is the only way to ensure that the cat belongs to this particular breed and that it is not a simple European half-breed in which a fortuitous combination of genes has given a more impressive size and a slightly longer than average coat.

Is the Maine Coon a breed for everyone?

Beyond the initial purchase cost, the Maine Coon catbeing a large breed cat, it will require a greater investment in food and accessories. As a character, he is an easily adaptable cat: he can live both in the apartment and in the garden (although given its particular appearance, we strongly advise against letting it go out unsupervised). At home, however, it is necessary to provide him with games and shelves on which to climb. Given the imposing size, frail people or those who struggle to lift weights, perhaps they should choose a smaller breed of cat.

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