Maccabi Tel Aviv: There is a slim chance that Vladimir Ivich will continue

Maccabi Tel Aviv officially won the championship last week, but that doesn’t stop it. After passing the Beitar Jerusalem midweek, last night (Saturday) she went through a slightly more complex hurdle – that of Marco Confusion and Maccabi Haifa.

After the victory, the club was the one to beat the Green coach for his remarks a few days ago, saying that Maccabi Haifa is playing the most beautiful football in the league. “If it wasn’t Dor Peretz’s misses, we would end this game with another goal or two. We were worth far more goals today, ”one player said at the end. “I don’t think Marco even meant what he said, he knows we’re better.” The club hope to complete a victory in the final round, which will complete an entire season without loss.

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The cloud around Vlad Ivanovich is still hovering, but the coach’s surroundings no longer believe it will remain and the prospects for it seem slim. It is estimated that Ibich will announce departure immediately after the third match. The team also complimented the coach for getting along without the three players required to go into isolation and made it clear that there was no anger on Eitan Tibi, Avi Riken and Eyal Gulsa, but expressed frustration with the way the hockey system was running.

The club claims that the whole team was staying together at the same time and if one of the players got in isolation, the whole team had to come in. At the club, it is assumed that the Ministry of Health will today announce that it is a mistake and the three could be isolated. It turns out the three were unavailable during the Sabbath. Accordingly, the hotel booked in an attempt to bring them at the last minute was canceled, but the Ministry of Health did not allow it.

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“Maccabi is Maccabi, we come to every game, devour the pitch to do our best. Of course every game we want to win, ”he said Dor Peretz. “We were delighted to beat Maccabi Haifa for the fourth time this season and I am very happy about that. It means that we come ready for these games, that we show up and glad we also get the points in the most important moments. Now the goal is to end the season with a sweet flavor. ”

On the question of how he failed to conquer, he answered: “This is a good question, I don’t know the truth either. There were simple opportunities that I had to end up on the net for sure. So I’m a little upset about that. But to my delight, I did get into situations and managed to produce for myself and I’m happy about that. Usually I go to Sami Ofer well, not today. ”

To conclude, Peretz was asked to sum up the season: “This is not the time to recap yet, there is one more game we want to take the points and then we can, but that means that we appear in the ‘manly time’ moments that is the most important thing.”

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