As David Beckham’s car factory, Lunaz has made headlines in the world’s tabloids, even though the work done in the manufactory is far more exciting than the person of its well-known investor. The company has been reported several times here by Lead: veteran luxury vehicles are being converted to electric propulsion, thus saving them to the (not-so-distant) age when the internal combustion engine directly hinders the use of these great cars.

After so many Rolls-Royce, Jaguar, Bentley and Land Rover, now another British icon: the Aston Martin DB6 has been unveiled at Lunaz. Here, however, we are already talking about amazing collector value: The manufactory helps potential buyers get the car on which the conversion is based, but warns that it will not be cheap: we are talking about a net dollar of one million dollars, or about HUF 300 million, plus conversion costs.

Would you buy an electric car for a net 300 million?  2

During the conversion, the original drive chain is removed and spotlessly restored, which the customer receives if they want to rebuild it later. In addition, as the electric powertrain is designed for trouble-free use, the brakes, chassis and steering are upgraded, as well as modern air conditioning and multimedia systems, including navigation and on-board WiFi.

Would you buy an electric car for a net 300 million?  3

The electric powertrain is based on batteries with a capacity of 80-120 kWh, typically up to 410 kilometers on a single charge. The manufacturer did not mention the performance of the DB6 electric motor; this was not spoken of in their earlier types either.

By the way, Lunaz has also allowed the possibility of redesigning the even more exclusive Aston Martin DB4 and DB5 models, but here they do not communicate price at all: those who are interested are happy to talk to it face to face.

Would you buy an electric car for a net 300 million?  4

The first electrified Aston Martin DB6s could be ready by fall 2023.