Loving sparkle for Valentine’s Day: with Swarovski – LUXURYMAG

It should always sparkle a bit in a relationship, especially on Valentine’s Day. That’s what the brand thought of when creating the collection for the most loving day of the year Swarovski, which was inspired by sparks of energy. Because it always starts with sparks. And if you don’t know how to ignite the spark again, jewelry from the Valentine’s collection could be the right move.

In love with Swarovski

If you’re wondering what to give your dear half like gift for Valentine’s Day, jewelry will certainly be the right choice. Swarovski has incorporated the most famous romantic symbols into his Valentine’s Day collection, which he presents in a new light. There are hearts, symbols of infinity or ladybugs, all in a modern coat, thanks to which they will add a spark to absolutely any outfit.

Celebrate your story

It always starts with a spark of energy that jumps in an instant. But then the love story is only yours, unique and unforgettable. And that is exactly what Swarovski is celebrating in his new collection. This is one of the reasons why symbols of love appear here in an unconventional, innovative spirit.
“Love is the energy of life. During these most romantic moments of the year, we wanted to show how dazzling this energy can be, making people feel more radiant, enlightened and loved. We have transformed iconic symbols into stylish jewelry, whose mission is to touch the hearts around the world. “ says Swarovski Creative Director Nathalie Colin.

What is your motive?

Valentine’s Swarovski collection
it is so diverse that everyone can choose from it. It is up to you whether you prefer the symbol of infinity and choose from many different sizes and shapes, or whether you will be captivated by the traditional heart, the purest expression of true love. And if you like originality, you can fall in love with asymmetrical earrings made of connected circles or an Infinity cuff bracelet in shades of polished gold.

Foto: Swarovski