Love, love and hate

1. At first sight, the two animals may face attraction or repulsion towards each other or may be normal. After being attracted, at least one of the two becomes restless in order to express his love and affection to others in the form of gestures or directly. However, even if you don’t like it at first, your love for someone may increase with time. I don’t like it when things like repulsion arise, avoiding them first, explaining them in gestures, or finally speaking publicly.

2. One day, the one who is drawn to love with his soul, he can be pushed away again by hating his mind and soul. Love and hate go hand in hand. Love is a spontaneous emotional expression. It is like a wish to be fulfilled. It’s a lot like the indomitable desire that awakens in someone’s mind. In love, logic, intellect, consideration do not work in most cases; Emotion became the main thing there. The ancient Greeks thought love was the madness of the gods. According to psychologists, this is an intense emotional desire to connect with others. What is the nature of love? According to Shakespeare, love is blind and lovers cannot see. Aristotle says that love is a single entity that lives in two hearts.

3. According to some, love in the brain originates from the desire for physical intercourse. However, apart from love, physical intercourse and child production can also take place. Some people call love the weakness in someone’s mind or the extreme desire to get him alone. According to some, it is not the lineage that grows, it is only because of love that one can spend a long time in love with each other. There is no physical or material attainment, only the joy of the mind, the two animals can live a life as one. One can fall in love without seeing anyone just based on faith. Love is a matter of the mind. The brain is not so effective there. Even after the death of a loved one, one can spend a long time just keeping his memory in mind. The main point of attraction here. People are attracted to people because of this attraction. Whether we call it spontaneous love, addictive love, intense love, or crazy love ভালোবাস whatever the name may be, love begins with love and it causes people to become emotional and change their behavior. Love, love is not governed by any judgment or conscience.

4. Love is in everyone. Love is in everyone’s heart; Some can give, some cannot. We have been loved since birth; I live with it and grow up by giving and receiving love as I get older. Love is in most cases an uncontrolled expression. It is not possible to say who will like what and when. Someone may like it in the first instance. Love is a natural force. Just as we have no control over the various things and phenomena of nature, so love is independent. After the sudden onset of love and affection from love, at once the conscience-intellect awoke. Conflict begins in the mind of the lover. In the end, the conflict of love with social reality, environment, economy, religious restrictions, security, etc. began. With love comes the question of responsibility. Irresponsible love often takes the form of suicide. Love is a desired thing in the life of more or less everyone. Love can be desired by anyone, but it cannot be said when, where, or how it will be manifested. We can surrender to love or avoid it. But when he comes, he will come like a storm. Suddenly one day he was seen, whom I had never liked; I started to love him. Love does not come with any signal. Love cannot be realized by will; It cannot be given. When – then the path of love can not be removed; Can’t even delete. Can’t forget. The stigma of love is also sweet to someone. Love cannot be confined to any structure. Love is not an object. He cannot be handed over. Love has no boundaries; There is no country-time-difference. He cannot be measured. Love does not have to do with material needs, but it does have to do with love at the same time, even in the midst of material pleasures.

5. People can choose a spouse in exchange for wealth or assurance of their needs or can enter into a contract with someone through marriage. But love is only to be gained through love. We call love the pleasurable feeling that the extra attraction to any person or object creates in the mind. Love is given the opposite of hate. Physical lust is secondary to love. Although in most cases there is a transition from physical attraction to supernatural love. Love, on the other hand, is a strong attraction, which puts someone as the best from a sexually appealing point of view and includes the desire to be long lasting in the future. In the case of love, personal feelings are more important. Love is a human feeling and an emotional experience. Love is the strongest expression of affection for a particular animal or object. Excessive affection for a person or object is almost always pleasurable. There may even be a pleasing attraction to a particular work, subject, or food. This extra pleasurable feeling is love. Taking extra care of someone or always feeling someone’s presence is related to love. There is more human emotion in love than sexual desire or physical lust.

. Friendship, empathy, loyalty, care, etc. can be gained in exchange for money, but not love. Love does not come in return for anything; Rather it comes out of the depths of one’s heart spontaneously. Love does not always work blindly. His unrighteous deeds cannot be accepted just because he loves someone. If you don’t listen to me again, I won’t love you anymore Ñ it’s not even possible. Here love falls into both crises. If the vessel of love is given infinite freedom, then at some point love may be insulted. A mother tells her child not to love her if she does not follow his instructions. Is that possible in reality? So there is no condition in love. Empathy and compassion naturally exist in love. When love awakens in one’s mind, he begins to perceive and believe in the existence of others as his own. True love does not distinguish between oneself and others. Love can develop not only in animals but also in principles and religious beliefs. Love is forever dear to almost everyone. People who don’t like love or don’t want to talk about love are rarely found. In a society where human love for human beings is normal, social stability is maintained. But in some societies, the powerful in the state treat others at a lower level than animals. They are also reluctant to consider anyone outside their party, ideology, or religious beliefs to be human. But life is an invaluable resource; So it is our duty to love all animals.

. Many people will not be able to explain the nature of love. But there is a great power of love and the lover will only admit that the feeling of strong attraction towards any person or object is born in him. However, depending on the individual, the environment, and the time, the love of all may not be the same. In general, love is about giving more priority to the opportunities and happiness of others than oneself, being full of saturation, attraction and dependence on others. To pay visible attention or respect to someone; To be affectionate, caring, or to like everything about someone; Pledging care, help or respect to someone; Expressing one’s selfless feelings towards others in one way or another etc. Love is a sudden thing; Or a permanent form of emotion; Or there is a debate about the temporary obsession with a brief identity. Does the love that develops between members of the same family or between husband and wife develop chemically or socially, socially, culturally? Love happens somewhere through choice or choice. Again somewhere it happens as uncontrollable inevitability. Love at first sight.

In the early stages of a relationship, love and lust cannot be distinguished. The two then become preoccupied with physical attraction and giving preference to things they like or dislike between each other. There the aspects of dislike or dislike float in the chemistry of temporary excitement. In the meanwhile, some people move away from the people who love them more. Yet love survives between them; Absolutely not exhausted. Love grows between the two through many ups and downs in life. What is needed for this love is commitment, giving time, trust and acceptance. Lust, on the other hand, is a sexual urge, which initially draws people towards each other from the very beginning and is fulfilled through the realization of the desire to give birth. The lure of reunion and the madness of romantic attraction engulfs him in obsession, so that everything fades in front of a person and he is not able to understand, is this the person he needs? Such a relationship is more likely not to last. For example, the presence of a third person can create lust in one’s mind despite the deep relationship between the two. Unbeknownst to him, he can become a victim of lust and play the tune of breakdown. So many people feel the need to combine both the attraction of the heart and the attraction of the body at the same time to maintain a long and secure relationship.

. People often want to check what kind of attraction they have for others or how much interest others have for themselves. That is, he wants to test the love of one for the other. Many times the bride and groom can understand the depth of love for each other through their senses. A smile, a little pelvic touch, a blink of an eye, the sweet words of the moment can be processed in our brain and send a message of love to our heart. In most cases the human mind can understand the love of others; Can realize. Even then, some people think, ‘Where are you, love?’ Maybe no one knows what love is all their life? Does she love Do i love

The presence of love and affection is the most powerful emotion of the human mind. For this, the lyricist said, love is not as big as life. It is not possible to say exactly when love is expressed in one’s mind. But in most cases, love and affection begin at the first sight. The flash of love can sound like a flash of lightning in the middle of the heart.

According to scientists, love is a permanent nervous condition. Lust and love can be easily distinguished. Lust is a temporary feeling and love is a lasting chemistry. Love is like a deep sense of responsibility, promise, loyalty, commitment, bond or surrender. Thought-consciousness harmony plays a huge role in love. The beauty of love The field of love comes alive when there is similarity or equality in most areas of real life.

The author is a retired Brigadier General

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