Love from a date with fake names to death. Čišovská mentions an angel – Foreign leagues – Football – Sports

They first met at the Peklo bar. They were both eighteen and life ahead. He regularly returned on foot from the training of Chemlon Humenné footballers. He peeked through expensive jeans into the window, where she was selling a beautiful and petite blonde. However, he only dared to address her at the disco.

This is how the first meeting between Marián and Martina Čišovský took place. The young couple gradually got to Pilsen from eastern Slovakia via Bratislava, Žilina and Timişoara. Unfortunately, their journey together ended here due to an insidious disease.

“What makes me most happy? That I live. That I have someone to live for. That we have two healthy and beautiful children. That the boys come from school, sit next to me, open the maths assignments, and I can explain to them how they count them. So far I can, so far I can, “he quotes Čišovský
MF Today.

What is this nonsense ?!

This passage could also be included in the Čišov Book. She was to tell a dozen stories of a modest boy who helped turn below-average Pilsen into a club that regularly plays in European Cups.

Unfortunately, he won’t make it. The 15-time Slovak representative died on June 28 after a six-year battle with the insidious disease ALS.

“I sat in the cabin before training, I changed clothes and nothing jerked in my thigh. First inconspicuously, then more often and more. I said to myself: What is this nonsense !?

In the summer of 2014, hockey player Venca Pletka invited me to the Ice Bucket Challenge to support ALS research. So I put on crushed ice in the shower and two months later the doctors told me that I had the disease.

I knew there was something wrong with me. I just didn’t want to admit that it was so bad, “MF Čišovský told the reporter.

Let’s get up in the evening, have a nice night

He really wanted the book to see the light of day. Čišovský had a clear goal.

“People need to know what a disease it is, because a lot of them have the same problems. My moods change and sometimes I’m very uncomfortable.

I don’t like that I can’t take care of myself and I’m in trouble. When my wife and I have an argument, we try to calm down by evening so that we have a nice night, “said the crying Čišovský holding his wife by the hand.

They spoke to each other in the aforementioned Peklo Bar. However, both were assigned. Martina had prejudices against footballers – she considered them to be conceited guys who would afford anything – so she introduced herself under a false name.

“I thought his name was Peter, so I introduced myself to him as Kristína,” Čišovská admitted and her husband added. “But she didn’t know that I was an angel,” Čišovský laughed five years ago.

Already flying in the football sky…

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