Local ads for shops in the snap map are there

Users can search for shops in the app and have them displayed with their address, opening times and website visuals. Particularly interesting: Brands can now have their advertising displayed locally in the snap map.

At the Snap Partner Summit, Snapchat announced that there would be a whole series of updates for the app. The social media company also announced innovations for the Snap Map. The first ones have now been rolled out. Because from now on, the app’s internal map shows shops and popular places together with information (opening times, addresses, etc.) in a list. Social media director Jeff Higgins has now discovered an additional extension that should be of particular interest to advertisers. Higgins shared his feature discovery on Twitter:

The screenshots show that brands now have several options to promote their shops in the snap map. Localized ads can now be switched for users in the vicinity of the shop. The division into different lifestyle categories is now also possible and could prove useful for businesses in order to be found more easily. In addition, Snapchat enables advertisers to determine the exact target group. Snap Map also uses visuals from the company website to display shops.

With the new features for the Snap Map, Snapchat significantly improves its own local marketing options. According to Higgins, the feature has already been rolled out in the United States. It is not yet known when this will also be the case in Germany.

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