Live Instagram, Maudy Ayunda Arguing with Her Lover? – Maudy Ayunda has become a Twitter Trending Topic since early this morning, Saturday (4/7/2020). It started with Live Instagram by the actress “Paper boat” it was with a man who was supposed to be his girlfriend.

In the Instagram Live video, Maudy Ayunda only shows a black screen and the voice of the conversation. They sound like an argument in English.

Trending Twitter Maudy Ayunda [screenshot: Twitter].
Trending Twitter Maudy Ayunda [screenshot: Twitter].

Maudy Ayunda was also heard calling the man with the word “Beb”. This sparked speculation, the man is the artist’s girlfriend.

Citing one of the Twitter accounts that recorded the conversations of Maudy Ayunda and the man, they were indeed heard using high intonation while talking.

“Hear a glimpse of Maudy Ayunda’s conversation with his girlfriend. It seems like they fought because they weren’t too engaged with one another,” wrote the account @___anjajaja.

But now, Maudy Ayunda has deleted her Instagram Live video. While citizens are still guessing about what happened to this 25-year-old singer.

As is known, Maudy Ayunda is currently pursuing S2 education at Stanford University, California, United States.

Regarding the fabric of love, he had just broken up with his lover, Arsyah Rasyid. This is known when Maudy Ayunda deleted a photo together with this man.

In fact, the love story of Maudy Ayunda and Arsyah Rasyid has been running for four years. Regarding the problem between the two, the chanter “Love comes too late” that doesn’t explain it to the public.