Ford luxury brand Lincoln and ArtCenter College of Southern California have launched a joint project. Four teams of young designers – architects, filmmakers, graphic artists and so on – were asked to dream up the car of the future.

However, this was just the beginning, because the students had to figure out the whole framework story: what the cities would be like, what kind of work we were going to do. They had to present the whole story in a short film, but not in person, but online, as the whole competition took place at the height of the coronavirus epidemic.

The main direction was Quiet Flight: this is the slogan of Lincoln, which refers to the defining characteristics of the travel experience – silence, comfort, speed.

These luxury cars came from the future 2

The four films feature four completely different cars and life situations. In the first, a disabled person experiences the driving experience thanks to the autonomous functions of the two-seater sports car. In the second, passengers on a four-seater car “travel back to the past” on their thirtieth wedding anniversary, meaning they visit their favorite places in life while their car retrieves family photos from that digital archive to suit that place and age.

These luxury cars came from the future 3

The third film looks at the future of family recreational vehicles through the eyes of a new astronaut, while the last film gives a glimpse into the life of a band: their six-seater, autonomous luxury car is a veritable moving guest hall that brings peace and tranquility to passengers even in the busiest urban environment.

Unfortunately, the four films were not published by Lincoln, but below you can see a summary of the project, which shows the details of the competition just mentioned in a few frames.

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