Liberec can secure the cups, the final of the group for Europe begins

Prague – The extension part of the first football league continues on the penultimate fourth round over the weekend. However, only the matches of the elite group for the title and the opening final of the group for Europe between Mladá Boleslav and Bohemians 1905 will be played. All three Saturday duels of the rescue group were postponed indefinitely due to several cases of covid-19 in the Karviná team.

In the group for the title, it is clear about the first two places that the defenders of the trophy Slavia and Plzeň will take. The third Sparta already has the certainty to participate in the cups and the fourth Liberec can also get it after this round.

Slovan welcomes the champion Slavia and tries to knock out Wednesday’s 1: 2 defeat in the final of the home cup with Sparta. Liberec will gain the certainty of participation in the qualification of the European League, if it defeats a certain champion from Eden and Jablonec also loses in Sparta.

However, Slovan has not won over Slavia in the highest competition six times in a row and he will also miss several key players. “After the cup there is a big disappointment. We feel that we were one step away from great success. But I firmly believe that we will get to Europe. We play at home with Slavia, with the toughest opponent – champion. But we wanted to be in six, we wished We will do our best, “said Liberec coach Pavel Hoftych.

“Despite the position we are in, we know what we are playing for and who we are playing for. This is crucial for us, we will definitely prepare 100%. The players who did not play so much in the season will probably get a chance. completely break the composition of the team, “said Slavia’s assistant coach Jaroslav Köstl, who, like head coach Jindřich Trpišovský, came to Eden from Liberec.

Jablonec did not win four consecutive rounds and dropped to fifth place, which means participation in the qualifying match for the European League with the group’s winner for Europe. After the last 0: 4 defeat in Slavia, the North Bohemians will try to pick up the second of Prague’s “S” Sparta, which won the winning trophy in the final of the cup after six years on Wednesday and is sure to start in the 3rd preliminary round of the European League.

The Letna team won nine of the last ten competitive matches. “Sparta has risen at the moment. Her winning streak shows that it has stabilized there. They won a trophy, it’s a euphoria, but it’s only played on Sunday and they’re pros. We can’t look at this. Unlike Slavia, there must be more commitment, less fear, “said Jablonec coach Petr Rada, who, like the Spartan coach Vaclav Kotal, led the opponent’s team.

Ostrava lost all three matches in the superstructure and has only a theoretical chance of fifth place. The last home match of the season with the second Pilsen will probably be a farewell to the forward Milan Baroš, who ended his career due to health problems. Baník has not defeated Victoria in the league for 20 consecutive matches.

In the group for Europe for the seventh to tenth team after the basic part, the first final will take place. Mladá Boleslav advanced to it via České Budějovice and the Bohemians in 1905 eliminated Slovácko. The “Kangaroos” have won eight of the last nine league matches, and more experience speaks for their Central Bohemian opponent, who last year dominated the group for Europe and subsequently won the cups.

“It’s 50 to 50. We have an extremely balanced match in which we will decide which team can punish an opponent’s mistake,” said Bohemians assistant coach Erich Brabec.

Due to anti-coronavirus measures, a maximum of 5,000 people, including all players, are still allowed to take part in matches, but stadiums can only be occupied by a quarter.

Statistical data before the matches of the 4th round of the superstructure:

Title group:

Slovan Liberec (in the table: 4.) – Slavia Praha (1.)

Excavation: Sunday, July 5, 5:00 p.m.

Judges: Franěk – Vlasjuk, Vitner.

Balance: 55 16-17-22 59:68.

Last match: 0: 3.

Expected reports:

Liberec: Nguyen – Fukala, Kačaraba, Karafiát, Mikula – Malinský, Alibekov, Mara, Beran, Pešek – Mashike Sukisa.

Slavia: Kolář – Coufal, Frydrych, Takács, Bořil – Traoré, Ševčík – Hellebrand, Stanciu, Hilál – Musa.

Absence: Koscelník, Kuchta (both 2 ŽK), Rondič (penalty for ČK), Baluta, Hromada (both club agreement), Chaluš, Hybš (both injuries) – Olayinka, Hovorka (both convalescences), Kúdela (injuries), Holeš, Oscar (both uncertain start).

Disciplinary threats: Hromada, Karafiát, Mara, Mikula – Musa, Oscar, Ševčík, Takács (all 1 ŽK).

Top scorers: Malinsky (7) – Musa (13).

Points of Interest:

– Slavia did not lose 6 times in a row in the league with Liberec

– Liberec have not beat Slavia at home in the last 5 matches

– Liberec lost the final of the home cup with Sparta 1: 2 on Wednesday

– Liberec defeated Ostrava in the last round and won after 5 league matches

– Liberec did not lose at home in the league 7 times in a row

– Slavia have not lost the last 10 matches in the league and won 4 times in a row

– Slavia did not lose 4 times in a row in the league and with 34 points is the best team in the competition on the field of opponents

– Slavia has the best league attack with 66 goals and the best defense with 11 goals collected

– coach Slavia Trpišovský and his assistants came to Eden from Liberec

Baník Ostrava (6th) – Viktoria Plzeň (2nd)

Excavation: Sunday, July 5, 5:00 p.m.

Judges: Ardeleanu – Moláček, Caletka.

Balance: 45 14-11-20 49:62.

Last match: 0: 2.

Expected reports:

Ostrava: Laštůvka – Reiter, Procházka, Svozil, Stronati, Fleišman – Potočný, Jirásek, Jánoš, Kuzmanovič – Baroš.

Plzeň: Hruška – Řezník, Hejda, Brabec, Limberský – Kalvach, Čermák, Hořava – Kayamba, Chorý, Mihálik.

Absence: Smola (2 ŽK), Fillo, Holzer (both injuries) – Kopic (penalty for ČK), Beauguel, Bucha (both uncertain start).

Disciplinary threats: Baroš, Fleišman, Jánoš, Jirásek, Lalkovič, Laštůvka, Potočný, Procházka, Reiter, Stronati – Beauguel, Chorý, Hořava, Kalvach, Kayamba (all 1 ŽK).

Top scorers: Potočný – Bucha (both 10).

Points of Interest:

– Pilsen has not lost in the league to Ostrava 20 times in a row since August 2009

– Pilsen won 8 times from the last 9 league matches in Ostrava and drew once, did not collect there in the last 5 matches

– Ostrava won in only one of the last 10 rounds and lost 3 times in a row

– Ostrava did not lose 7 times in a row at home in the league

– Pilsen lost only one of the last 14 matches in the league, won 11 times out of 13 spring rounds and did not beat Slavia only twice

– Pilsen lost only the last of the last 7 outdoor league matches

– Ostrava coach Kozel played in Pilsen

Sparta Prague (3rd) – FK Jablonec (5th)

Excavation: Sunday, July 5, 5:00 p.m.

Judges: Rejžek – Kotalík, Pečenka.

Balance: 53 34-9-10 92:43.

Last match: 2: 2.

Expected reports:

Sparta: Heca – Vindheim, Szczecin, Costa, Hanousek – Karlsson, Kanga, Lawn, Karabec, Hlozek – Tetteh.

Jablonec: Hanuš – Macháček, Štěpánek, Jeřábek, Krob – Hübschman – Matoušek, Považanec, Kratochvíl, Sýkora – Doležal.

Absence: Lischka, Plavšič, Kaya (all injured) – Plechatý (club agreement), Jugas, Jovovič, Kubista, Pleštil (all injured), Holík, Hrubý (both uncertain start).

Disciplinary threats: Dočkal, Drchal, Kozák, Krejčí, Trávník, Vindheim – Černák, Hämäläinen, Jeřábek, Krob, Matoušek, Štěpánek, Sýkora (all 1 ŽK).

Top shooters: Kanga, Kozák (both 12) – Doležal (10).

Points of Interest:

– Sparta did not lose to Jablonec in the league 7 times in a row and did not score in one of the last 19 mutual duels in the highest competition

– Sparta lost only one of 27 domestic league matches with Jablonec, scored 14 times in a row and did not collect 5 times in a row

– Sparta lost only one of the last 10 competitive matches (of which 9 wins)

– In the last round, Sparta lost 1: 2 in Pilsen and lost after 7 league victories in a row

– Sparta has won the last 5 domestic competition matches

– Sparta won the home cup final in Liberec on Wednesday and won the first trophy in 6 years

– Jablonec did not win 4 consecutive rounds (of which 3 defeats) and scored a single goal

– Jablonec lost the last 3 outdoor matches and did not score in them

– Sparta Kotal’s coach led Jablonec in the past, Jablonec coach Rada worked in Letná again

Group on Europe – Final – Match 1:

FK Mladá Boleslav – Bohemians Prague 1905

Excavation: Saturday, July 4, 8:00 p.m.

Judges: Lerch – Šimáček, Ratajová.

Balance: 22 10-6-6 30:23.

Last match: 2: 1.

Expected reports:

M. Boleslav: Šeda – Křapka, Jakub Klíma, Tatajev, Zelený – Janošek, Túlio – Ladra, Budínský, Fulnek – Jiří Klíma.

Bohemians: Valeš – Dostál, Köstl, Hůlka, Bartek – Ljovin, Jindřišek – Hronek, Vacek, Vodháněl – Nečas.

Absence: Hubínek (injury), Matějovský, Pech, Wiesner (all convalescence) – Pulkrab (injury), Keita, Podaný (both uncertain start).

Disciplinary threats: Zelený, Túlio – Bartek, Hronek, Hůlka, Ljovin, Vacek, Valeš (all 1 ŽK).

Top shooters: Budínský (11) – Hronek, Pulkrab, Vodháněl (all 5).

Points of Interest:

– M. Boleslav lost only one of the last 5 mutual matches in the league, but in 2 of the last 3 she did not score

– M. Boleslav lost only one of the last 9 domestic league matches with Bohemians

– M. Boleslav eliminated Č. Budějovice in the semifinals of the group for Europe, Bohemians crossed Slovácko

– M. Boleslav won twice in a row and lost only one of the last 6 league matches

– M. Boleslav won the last match at home in the league, but before that she did not win 5 times in a row

– M. Boleslav won the group for Europe last year

– Bohemians have won the league 4 times in a row and 8 out of the last 9 matches

– The Bohemians have won 4 times in a row outside the league

– Coach Weber (M. Boleslav) led Bohemians in the past

– Mazuch can claim the 50th league start, Mašek (both M. Boleslav) can play the 100th match

– Hronek has his 27th birthday on the day of the match, Pokorný (both Bohemians) celebrates them a day later