Lewis Hamilton asks for 44 million euros to continue in Formula 1 and renew with Mercedes

The Formula 1 World Championship driver market has already suffered some major shocks, but you still have last more. The big three names of the last two decades they look for a seat in the category. Lewis Hamilton, Sebastian Vettel and Fernando Alonso. In the case of the British, we already know what his conditions are.

It seems that Lewis Hamilton is asking Mercedes for 44 million euros per season to renew with them. The world champion of Oaxaca, who is about to beat all records Michael Schumacher wants to remain the highest paid in Formula 1, but now with even more difference.

The economic situation after the pandemic hinders the renewal of Hamilton

Hamilton Austria F1 2020 4

The information on Hamilton’s requests comes from the Daily Mail, a British newspaper quite close to the British’s environment. The champion, who now charges 40 million euros, would like to go to 44 to sign a new contract with Mercedes. If he does not continue with the Germans, there are not many more options than the withdrawal.

What is striking about the situation in Mercedes is that all its main members end their contract. Not only Hamilton, but Valtteri Bottas and Toto Wolff himself conclude their link with Mercedes at the end of this season. And we already know that there are internal tensions because Ola Källenius, the new CEO of the company, wants Sebastian Vettel.

Hamilton Austria F1 2020 2

The relationship between Hamilton and Mercedes is unbeatable. The Briton has always run supported by Mercedes since he was a teenager.. Without going any further, the German team has just given up its usual silver to paint the W11 black, and thus show their support for the racial cause that Lewis Hamilton is leading.

But no matter how much love you have, the economic situation of the world has changed a lot after the coronavirus pandemic, and Mercedes is probably not happy to face such a high contract. Especially if I had to join it with another like Vettel’s, although that remains to be seen. Hamilton and Mercedes are condemned to understand each other.

Hamilton Austria F1 2020

It would only be the first movement of a waterfall that may be even more interesting than the last. Vettel is also looking for a seat and, if the Mercedes plan does not come out, he will probably will have to find a place in Aston Martin or Renault. In Red Bull they have already closed the door and in McLaren they have their lineup closed.

As to Fernando Alonso, recently there has been a little truthful information that he will get on the Renault already this season. It won’t be like that, but it does it is quite likely to run with his old team next season. It is in his hand. Although try con Aston Martin nor is it ruled out.

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