In an extensive interview for national TV, the Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, yesterday accused NATO of being involved in a long-distance war with Russia by arming Ukraine. The interview was broadcast just hours after the visit Anthony Blinken in Lloyda Austina in Kiev, where they promised the Ukrainians additional military assistance. As Austin assured, the Americans want to weaken Russia.

In an interview, Lavrov spoke about the possibility of a nuclear conflict between the two powers, but highlighted Russia’s efforts to avoid this danger. »This is our key position from which we emerge. However, the risk now existsHe was determined.

Lavrov further accused the Americans of preventing any dialogue between the forces, but again described the Russian invasion as merely an action to defend the Russians on Ukrainian territory. »NATO is, in essence, involved in a war with Russia at a distance, its armament is taking place at a distance. War means war. ”Lavrov also spoke about Ukraine’s negotiations with Russia and accused Zelensky that the negotiations on his part were only a sham performance for the public and that he did not take them seriously. However, he continued that Russia would persist in the negotiations.

Laurel’s words about the nuclear war already resonate strongly in foreign media reports, but in Ukraine they are understood as a sign of the impending defeat of the Russians, reports Al Jazeera. The BBC, meanwhile, reports the fall of Kremin in the Luhansk region, but other details of what is happening in the city of 18,000 are not yet known.