Latvians in the house who do not have smoke detectors may start to fine

Photo: press photo

The State Fire and Rescue Service is considering the possibility of introducing fines for those Latvians who have had a fire in their home, and it turned out that the private house or apartment was not equipped with smoke detectors, said the deputy head of the State Fire Service, Kristaps Eklons.

According to the GPSS survey, almost 90% of those surveyed recognized that smoke detectors were needed, but only 17% had them installed.

Given that since January 1 of this year, the availability of these devices is mandatory, the SPSS believes that it is time for Latvians to begin to punish for non-compliance with the rules. “This will contribute to the awareness of the need to think, not only about yourself, but also about those living nearby,” explained Eclons. He also noted that in the first six months of this year, 46 people died in fires in all of Latvia.

According to the deputy head of the State Border Guard Service, last year, before the introduction of the new requirement, service employees conducted active information work, examining almost 10,000 private houses, questioning people and talking about fire safety.

Recall that from January 1, 2020, smoke detectors should be in every apartment, and in private houses there should also be fire extinguishers.

46% of residents encountered a fire – themselves, from neighbors, relatives or friends. 63% of people believe that it is important to have a fire extinguisher at home, but only 13% have them. A similar situation is with smoke detectors – for 68% of respondents it is important that they are installed, but only 9% have a detector.

When asked why they do not have detectors and fire extinguishers at home, people mentioned a lack of funds and time. It is noteworthy that on the Internet the cheapest fire extinguisher costs from 10 euros, and a detector – from 5 euros.