Lamborghini SCV12, close encounter in track tests

A 5.50 m spaceship with a naturally aspirated V12 and 830 CVs declared by the manufacturer. The Lamborghini SCV12 is not only the latest born from the Research and Development department headed by Maurizio Reggiani, but also a “juice” from the entire Sant’Agata Bolognese factory.

In addition to the collaboration with Dallara, we also find the Style Center and the Racing team, which since its inception in 2014, has gone a long way. If you can’t hold back, enjoy the hotlap you find in ours opening video.

Towards the debut

Nothing like this has ever been seen in Lamborghini and there is a lot of information that has yet to arrive. For now we know that this FIA approved prototype, but dissolved by GT regulations, is the progenitor for an exclusive track day and time attack program that will see wealthy customers put themselves to the test circuits more fascinating.

We have already talked about her in detail and this time rather than on the technique we want to dwell on the concept behind it. The management wanted to celebrate his majesty the V12 and for this he decided to put on track a monster capable of devastating performances.

Analog and without limits

There isn’t any form of electrificationnor active aerodynamics or electronically controlled suspension. Everything has been designed to offer the most visceral experience there can be, and the car is only part of the experience that owners can immerse themselves in.

The tests are followed by names like Giorgio Sanna, Emanuele Pirro and Marco Mapelli, who are trying to give the SCV12 the most neutral setting to make it easy to drive at first glance and allow drivers to better extricate themselves in the myriad of adjustments that such a vehicle offers to the driver.