Kyobo Life’s call center employee infection… Seoul confirmed number of people increased 7, 1353

Kyobo Life’s call center worker was confirmed by the new coronavirus infection (corona19), and seven more people were infected in 18 hours in Seoul.

The Seoul Metropolitan Government announced that a total of 1353 confirmed corona19 patients in Seoul at 6 pm on the 3rd. On the 3rd, at 00:00 AM, the number increased from 1346 to 7 more.

The seven who received additional confirmation judgments are 1 overseas contact, 1 contact with other confirmed attempts, 3 others, and 2 unconfirmed routes.

In Jungnang-gu, Seoul, there were 36 confirmed patients. He lives in Junghwa 2-dong. Confirmed #36 in Jungnang-gu was a worker at Kyobo Life’s call center in Gangbuk-gu, who was suspected of developing symptoms on the 2nd and was tested positive for 3 days.
An official from Jungnang-gu said, “The confirmed family members were immediately quarantined.” In Jongno-gu, a person who was in quarantine after entering the country (No. 23 in the hall) was confirmed. He visited Orakai Insadong Suites in Nakwon-dong on the 1st and used the Seven-Eleven Paradise store. On the 2nd, it was examined at the Jongno-gu screening clinic, and the final confirmation was made on the 3rd.

In Gwanak-gu, there were additional 127~128 confirmed patients.

Gwanak-gu 127~128 confirmers are the families of Gwanak-gu 125 that were infected on the 1st. The path of infection of 125 patients, Gwanak-gu, the first confirmed patient, is being investigated.

The path of infection of the two confirmed patients who were positive on the 3rd is still under investigation. Disinfection and sterilization of their homes and surrounding areas has been completed.

The quarantine authorities are investigating the place of visit and contact of the confirmed person.

In Guro-gu, 87 confirmed patients (resident of Oryu 1-dong) came out. He is a family member of Mapo-gu’s confirmed people and has been in quarantine since the 19th of last month. Afterwards, cough symptoms developed and were examined on the 2nd, and the final confirmation was received on the 3rd.

The diagnosis of Yeongdeungpo-gu #66 (resident in Dangsan 2-dong) had symptoms such as chest tickling on the 24th of last month. On the 25th of last month, he used the Yonsei Medical Center located in Yangpyeong-ro.

An official from Yeongdeungpo-gu said, “The confirmed person was transferred to a quarantine hospital designated by the state.”

There were additional corona19 diagnoses in Yongsan-gu. Mr. A, the 51st confirmed patient in the hall, was confirmed on the morning of the 3rd and was transferred to Chung-Ang University Hospital.