Know about the problem of irregular menstruation in women – know about the problem of irregular menstruation in women

Periods that occur every month to women bring changes in their reproductive system. This increases their ability to conceive. Periods start at the age of 12–16 years and come to menopause (period of period of closure). Periods usually occur in 28-day cycles. But whenever periods come before or after time, it indicates irregular menstruation.

Estrogen, progesterone and testosterone hormones are the main factors in a woman’s body. In which the menstrual period becomes irregular due to disturbances. Eating disturbances, poor lifestyle are also the main reasons. Stress is also prominent, which directly affects estrogen and progesterone hormones. Excessive physical workouts are also not right. Do seek medical opinion.

Smelling water with genital irritation, itching.
Complaint of headache due to irregular menstruation.
Feeling of tension, irritability and loss of appetite.
Swelling with pain in hands and feet, as well as feeling tired.
Repeated throat dryness as well as sore throat are also its symptoms.

Prevention Methods –
Women should pay special attention to cleanliness. Do not use unnecessary chemicals for hygiene. Eat nutritious things in food. Drink plenty of water and buttermilk, this balances the hormones. Relax the body, avoid stress. Do not take any medicine without medical advice. PCD and hypothyroidism must be treated in time.

Treatment is done by giving hormone therapy. If menstruation is irregular due to any type of hormone disorder then the problem is treated first. Such as thyroid, PCOD etc. In addition to making changes in the routine, the patient is asked to improve the diet.