Kim Jong-un delivers food gifts and gratitude to soldiers in the Strategic Military Command… Why?

Kim Jong Eun_strategic group
Chairman Kim Jong-un visited the Korean People’s Army Strategic Military Command in 2017. /Photo = Labor newspaper capture

It was reported that Kim Jong-un, the chairman of the National Assembly, delivered a food gift to the strategic military command center and direct divisions during the Strategic Disarmament (July 3), as the national supply of food to the military was disrupted and the supply of rear materials was not being properly implemented.

An insider in North Korea said in a call to Daily NK on the 3rd, “At the beginning of the summer training session, the Supreme Commander Dong-ji (Chairman Kim) suddenly faced a strategic disarray and sent a gift to the troops with a congratulatory thank-you gift. There was an announcement from the commander that he gave it.”

According to sources, the commander at the time read Mr. Kim’s words of appreciation, in which he said, “It puts a destructive nuclear fluoride on the United States and its followers trying to annihilate and harm our sacred homeland and people’s dreams and grounds of happiness. The supreme commander and Party Central send a congratulatory congratulations to the beloved Strategic Army soldiers, families, and soldiers who are struggling with a high will to crush the shrines of their enemies at a glance and greet the Strategic Fists in training.

The source said, “In the first political sequential times that followed, the divisional political leaders mentioned the importance and mission of the strategic forces tasked with hitting the US bases in the Pacific Operation Unit in case of emergency. He emphasized that he must thoroughly observe the party’s training policy without forgetting the moment.”

And the next day (2nd), the strategic military command center and direct division military officers and soldiers had a vacuum-packed fried chicken (800g) per person, a bag of oily confectionery (1kg), 6 canned meats, and a gift set of food such as fruits It is said to have been delivered.

As such, the gift was only supplied to the strategic command center’s command and direct division officers and soldiers, and other affiliates were excluded from the supply, the source said.

This year, North Korea’s food supply has been reduced by the international community’s sanctions against North Korea and the stoppage of trade due to the new coronavirus infection (Corona19), and new soldiers are hungry because the prescribed food supply is not properly guaranteed even in the core strategic group Cases of appealing continued.

The military officers and soldiers belonging to the strategic army were able to eat relatively abundantly even during the period of motive and summer training, so the new soldiers recruited by the strategic army were proud of this.

A special corps to encourage the military commanders and soldiers of the Strategic Command Command as a result of the strategic disruption, as the voice of food famine arose as a result of food famine. It is said that the order for the supply of food gifts has been issued as a result of.

On the face of the food gift presented during a difficult time, the soldiers of the Strategic Command headquarters also turned bright, but on the other hand,’the gift is good, but I don’t want the quality of my meal. Some people said,’I want you to give me rice or a prescribed amount.’

Among them, it is said that the soldiers of the tactical military headquarters and direct division soldiers, especially new soldiers who came in this year, received this gift and showed signs of diarrhea. In response, the source said, “I was not able to eat the usual fatty food and suddenly consumed it, so I was surprised.”