Kickboxing as an exercise for weight loss and body shaping

There are a few basic kickboxing movements that you can master, incorporate into exercise, have fun, “beat” stress and tighten muscles.

With these exercises, you burn about 500 calories in an hour (some even manage to burn 800), train your arms, shoulders, thighs and buttocks, and relieve stress. So who wouldn’t want that? Aren’t these enough reasons to try some kickboxing moves?

We bring you more about your exercise, as well as a video to help you master the basic strokes.

Why it’s time to give it a try

kickboxing exercise 1Cardio elements of kickboxing are the best and most effective way to burn fat, especially those deposits on the stomach, with which many of us have problems. If you include rope skipping with these exercises and set aside an hour a day you will burn 750 to 900 calories. Coordination, flexibility, reflexes, movement – all of this improves over time if you embrace kickboxing.

In addition, many women confirmed that they felt much more confident, stronger and safer after a few months of kickboxing exercises. They had that confidence and feeling that they could defend themselves from potential attackers at any time (Lose weight and learn to defend yourself).

Of course, with that comes the elimination of toxins, better sleep, better concentration and mental health.

How to exercise

The exercise is usually one hour and starts with warming up for 10 to 15 minutes.


Stand in a slight gap. Step slightly with your left foot, keeping both knees slightly bent. Bend the nail polish and keep your fists somewhere under your chin. “Fire” the right arm, and transfer the weight to the hind leg. Repeat several times, then switch legs.


Stand with your legs spread flush with your shoulders. Bend your arms at the elbows, then “shoot” the elbow to the side, so that it is flush with the floor. Repeat several times, then try the other hand.


Stand with your legs spread flush with your shoulders and elbows bent – with your fists close to your chin. Lean forward slightly, then move your left shoulder forward a few times first, then right. It’s like you’re going to hit someone, just leave your arms bent.

kickboxing exercise 3


Stand straight with your legs slightly apart. Bend your knees and elbows slightly. Keep your hands and hands close to your chin. Lean forward and lift your left leg back at the same time. Repeat with the right foot, then alternate them.

And if you want to try a front kick, keep your body upright and “shoot” your leg slightly bent at the knee – as if you’re going to close the door with your foot.

Take breaks and rest

When you get tired (you can do this between exercises as well) take breaks. Breathe deeply. Walk slowly and first inhale and count in yourself to 5, then exhale and lightly count again to 5. Slightly stretch, then return to the exercises.

You can see what it looks like in part in the video we bring you: