Kando’s philosophy becomes the message of Yamaha on his birthday

DAPURPACU – Exactly last July 1, Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd celebrated the 65th anniversary of the manufacturer. Yamaha lunge in various industries including automotive, quite a big contribution.

On this special day, President, Chief Executive Officer and Representative Director of Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd, Yoshihiro Hidaka delivered a special message that was disseminated throughout the world.

In his message, Hidaka always challenges his side in creating various new innovations to provide a ‘Command’ experience for customers in various aspects.

He hopes that he has expressed this hope since Yamaha began to establish itself as a motorcycle manufacturer, after previously as a producer of musical instruments.

“Many opinions say that people’s values ​​and behavior will change due to the impact of this pandemic. I believe the value of ‘Kando’ that we have and are valued up to now is always sought as we move forward, “he added.

If interpreted in Japanese, Kando is an instant feeling that arises due to the deep satisfaction and excitement that is experienced when feeling something of high value.

Hidaka also hopes that Kando’s philosophy can inspire the hopes of many people to move forward in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic that still continues today.

Meanwhile, on the same date, PT Yamaha Indonesia Motor Manufacturing (YIMM) also celebrated its 46th anniversary. For this reason, Minoru Morimoto, YIMM’s President Director & CEO also conveyed his special message.

Dyonisius Beti (Executive Vice President & COO of PT YIMM) delivered a special message for Yamaha’s birthday in 2020.

According to him, the celebration of this special day is special because it is in condition. Morimoto said that this pandemic had a major impact on all walks of life.

“But we believe this condition will not defeat them, instead make it stronger. I hope we can learn about the unique values ​​of the Yamaha brand, which can be used in everyday life, “he added.

Motivated by Kando’s philosophy and firmly rooted corporate culture, YIMM also spreads a positive atmosphere to all employees and all parties to remain strong and remain enthusiastic in the hope of “We will ride again!”. [dp/MTH]