Kajaani man started his gender correction in 2016: “I enjoy myself better as a woman”

A man from Kajaani, who had just graduated as an engineer, started the process of correcting his gender in 2016. Now Alisa is happy with her new life as a woman.

He tells about his life in Hymy’s printed magazine in a story written by Juha Veli Jokinen.

Jani, who played computer games and especially role-playing games, once opened up to a friend that she would like to live both physically and mentally as a woman. A future engineer studying information technology had felt for years that he had been born into the wrong sex.

– I had a little taste of it during the game and dressed as a woman I started talking to a playmate about this. He encouraged me to the doctor. That’s where this change process started when I received a referral and the first time to Tampere University Hospital’s transpol in the summer of 2016.

Hormone therapies were started in 2017.

-I started moving in women’s clothes and make-up from the beginning of 2018, before that only on my trips to Tampere. In the summer of the same year, I then got a new ID and introduced the name Alisa, Alisa says.

The plastic surgeon spoke in detail about the various dangers of genital surgery, but Alisa was ready for surgery, and also for surgery of the vocal cords at different times.

Alisa grew up in Kajaani in a family with five children. The late mother worked in an army equipment depot and the father was a crane driver.

The family has welcomed Alisa quite favorably with the arrival of a new daughter and sister in the family, but still with little talk of Finnish nationality.

The father’s encounter as a long-haired woman happened by chance in a shop.

– I had high-heeled boots, makeup and a woman’s clothes when I ran into my father in the store. There was a long gaze and silence, but the father knew his child, although we have not had any very close distances. Then Dad mumbled something of my length as the high heels of my 179 cent hand lengthened, Alisa remembers.

Read Alisa’s story about the printed Smile. Picture of Alisa below while she was still Jani: