Johns Hopkins University: Those who refuse the vaccine can be vaccinated with a PCR test!

In January 2019, the WHO defined the growing number of critics of the vaccine as one of the ten biggest threats to global health, and since the unprecedented fiasco vaccine fiasco, the number of those who refused to be vaccinated has increased significantly. Meanwhile, resistance is forming even within conventional medicine. But WHO principals insist on the unrealistic implementation of vaccination of at least 70%.

Various experts and former mainstream journalists like John O’Sullivan are now warning that a massive PCR test campaign could be a masked vaccination program by the WHO. (to see: Scientific principles). O’Sullivan refers to a new technology developed at Johns Hopkins University that should enable secret vaccination using a PCR test. (to see: Johns Hopkins Universitiy)

Figure 1: Teragriper

Inspired by a single parasite that burrows its sharp teeth into the host’s intestines, Johns Hopkins researchers have developed tiny star-shaped micro-devices that attach firmly to the intestinal mucosa, so drugs can be applied to the body. These small devices, called “teragripers”, consist of metal and a thin film that can change shape. They are coated with heat-sensitive paraffin wax and each is no larger than a speck of dust (see Figure 1)

When the paraffin layer on the teragriper reaches body temperature, the devices close on their own and tighten against the wall of the colon. The closing action leads to tiny devices with six arms burying themselves in the mucous membrane and remaining attached to the large intestine, where they remain and gradually release the medicine, which they carry on themselves, into the body. Finally, teragripers release their “grip” and are expelled from the body naturally.

Note: according to Johns Hopkins University, teragripers are actually applied with cotton swabs. (see Figure 2)

Figure 2: Teragripers on a cotton swab

A research team from Johns Hopkins University published the positive results of an animal study as the title article in a journal Cover article in Science Advances, October 28, 2020, confirming that the new technology works flawlessly:

“Inspired by gastrointestinal parasites (GI), we report here that active mechanical-chemical therapeutic grips, or teragripers, can survive in the GI tract of living animals for 24 hours by clinging to mucous tissue on their own.”

Figure 3: Teragriper changing shape as self-attaching drug delivery devices

We also notice an exceptional sixfold increase in the elimination half-life with the analgesic ketorolac tromethamine, which was applied to the body through a ripper. (elimination half-life, elimination half-life or biological half-life is the time it takes for a substance, drug, radioactive element, etc. to lose half of its pharmacological, physiological or radiological activity – Wikipedia).

These results provide first-class evidence that self-attaching and shape-changing micro-devices improve the efficiency of extended drug delivery. ”

As it is “accidentally”, the PCR test is now also done anal in China, because the reliability of the results is better (note:?! ???) and of course this practice is immediately supported in the Western mainstream media. (Business Insider)

Note: If you can’t imagine the government giving you toxic substances against your will and without your consent, you should remember all the horrific experiments on people that were later admitted to have been done and, according to wikipedia, (Wikipedia ) which reach to modern times. 2007 CDC (CDC) even admitted that between 1955 and 1963, 10-30 million citizens were infected with the SV40 cancer virus with the polio vaccine.

In an instructive video conference (Video conference) with dr. Judy Mikovits, Robert Kennedy jr. etc. David Martin was told that according to the legal definition, a vaccine against mRNA is not a vaccine at all. It is erroneously called a vaccine to hide the fact that the alleged vaccine is in fact gene therapy.

Experienced physician and epidemiologist, etc. Wolfgang Vodarg in a censored interview (Interview) told the Rubicon: “In fact, this” very promising “vaccine should be banned for the vast majority of people because this is a genetic manipulation!”

Mary Holland, vice president and attorney general of the Children’s Health Organization, warns:

“New vaccine technologies are likely to mean new types of damage from vaccines. Since there has never been a licensed mRNA vaccine, we really don’t know what such damage would look like. “Because vaccines have been developed so quickly in very short clinical trials, the long-term damage is completely unknown.”

What especially raises the hair on the head is that most people don’t even know what the mRNA vaccine does in your body. They simply blindly agree to be vaccinated, although more and more independent and even conventional medical experts warn about it. (see: Doctors around the world warn of mRNA vaccine; Doctors from all over the world warn against mRNA vaccination)

In that context, it should not be forgotten that the American company “moderna Therapeutics” was founded in 2010 not as a manufacturer of vaccines, but as a company “GenTech”. (see: Wikipedia)

On the example of many scandals with the company “Monsanto”, it is crystal clear that genetic manipulation does not serve to protect species, but for power. A hidden program is a genetic modification of a species so that it can be patented or possessed.

Former US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger once said, “Whoever controls the seed rules the world.” (See press portal: Press portal)

What’s next? Will they patent our bodies after we have been genetically modified with the mRNA vaccine?

Dr. Keri Madej, (Dr. Carrie Madej) an internal medicine specialist with over 19 years of experience, explains that the KOVID-19 vaccine could actually be a Trojan horse for patenting humans because it changes our DNA. (“Fight for Faith” published that interview)

According to the article (items) published in January 2020 in the British scientific journal “”, confirms that modified RNA has a direct impact on our DNA. The following passage is particularly alarming: “Several research groups are now working together to investigate what effects this may have on the DNA molecule. We already know that R-loop regions are linked to DNA sequences that contain active genes and that this can lead to chromosome breakage and loss of genetic information.

It is also alarming that leading vaccine manufacturers such as Pfizer warn respondents (who are being vaccinated) that they do not plan to start a family after receiving the vaccine. (see: Pfizer, S. 132). With this, the pharmaceutical company confirms that the mRNA vaccine can have negative effects on human reproduction, and in addition it is still vaccinated!

Conclusion: Who knows a little about history, knows that genetic experiments and experiments on humans are nothing new. Although modern eugenics originates from the 19th century, the ideas, measures and justifications of state and social interventions and influences on reproduction have been known since antiquity. They can already be found in Plato’s “Politeia”, which, however, is limited to state selection and upbringing. In the Renaissance, one can find ways of thinking at the time in the socio-utopian work “Utopia” written by Thomas Mores, “New Atlantis” by Francis Bacon and “La città del Sole” by Thomas Campanella. However, since common sense instinctively opposes such interventions, institutions (associations, companies) have always tried to cover up their true intentions, giving them deceptive names.

The Nazis, for example, embellished eugenics with the “health science of heredity” or “hereditary care” to make it suitable for the masses, and today we are being sold the same disease agenda with a new “vaccine” to save us from an alleged pandemic.

In October 2020, the famous German singer Nena drew attention to herself with the following inspiring words: “I have a deep faith in God. Hence my trust in life. I also have my common sense, which broke the panic and information coming from outside into pieces. This allows me not to be hypnotized by fear and dragged into darkness. “Despite our madness that we are experiencing here, I believe and know that positive change can no longer be stopped.”



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