Guy Ritchie and Jason Statham are once again delighting movie fans to work together. One Really Angry Man promises to be an action-packed revenge thriller that Nicolas Boukhrief’s 2004 Cash Truck made again based on his French film.

Starring Jason Statham, Holt McCallany, Jeffrey Donovan, Josh Hartnett, Laz Alonso, Chris Reilly, Raúl Castillo, DeObia Oparei, Eddie Marsan and Scott Eastwood. This is Ritchie and Statham’s fourth collaboration since the 2005 Revolver.

His story, of course, builds on the unstoppable Statham character: Simply referred to as H (Jason Statham), he arrives as a rookie on the Fortico Security team after the latest deadly robbery, where security guards protect millions of dollars in shipments. When one of the money carriers is attacked, H. reveals his special combat abilities: the initially retreating man turns out to be a perfect shooter and knocks out his victims without batting an eyelid.

We can already watch it in cinemas on Thursday, June 10th. In the meantime, we need to get to the synchronous preview.