It’s hot. Tooth corrosion

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It will rain in Jeju Island, Jeonnam and Gyeongnam areas, which are affected by the rainy season. In the afternoon, there will be showers all over the inland areas, and it is expected to rain from night in Seoul, northern Gyeonggi and Yeongseo, Gangwon. Daytime peak temperature Seoul is 30 degrees and the whole country is 24 degrees to 31 degrees, which is similar to or slightly higher than yesterday.

☞Today’s health = In summer, I often find carbonated drinks and ionic drinks to relieve thirst. Of course, these drinks help to cool off the heat temporarily, but the health of the teeth collapses little by little.

First, carbonated drinks such as coke and cider contain strong acidic ingredients to give them a unique taste. It is this ingredient that causes teeth to rust.

Is carbonated ionic drink okay? Unfortunately, ionic beverages also have strong acidity, which corrodes teeth. In addition, ionic beverages contain simple sugars with small particles, which can cause tooth decay if they stay on the tooth surface for a long time.

If so, what kind of drink can relieve thirst while preserving dental health? The most basic is bottled water. Cold water is not only good for quenching thirst, but it is safe to drink without artificial additives.

Barley tea, green tea, and persimmon leaf tea are also good choices. In particular, green tea and persimmon leaf tea also contain anti-cavity ingredients. However, since the colored pigment of tea may remain on your teeth, rinse your mouth once after drinking tea.

What if I inevitably drink carbonated beverages or ionic beverages? Avoid staying in your mouth as long as possible. Better if you can drink it with a straw. This is because the drink does not touch the teeth much and is advantageous in preventing corrosion and tooth decay.

Reporter Lee Ji Won [email protected]

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