It’s unbelievable, but it’s been three years since foldable phones have been with us again. Samsung started the line with the Galaxy Fold series, and many others have followed them, but they have not yet pushed the more traditional devices out of our pockets and hands.

Despite this, the developments continue with great force, the South Koreans want to impress the general public this year with pieces bearing the serial number 4. These devices represent the pinnacle of technology, so it’s no wonder that most of the production was fully automated.

Samsung gave insight into this process, mostly in the testing of finished mobiles, from the moment the back cover is attached to the phone. With a little exaggeration, the machines behave like bad children: they pack phones from wireless charger to charger, press its buttons a million times, take pictures with it, open it in and out, and even immerse it in water to complete the testing scale.