It may have been one of my last games

Zlatan Ibrahimovic: protagonist on the field, protagonist outside. From the whole career. Milan-Juventus was no exception: the penalty goal, the smile with dedication to Cristiano Ronaldo, the very significant words of the post-game. The Swede came to the DAZN microphones to comment on the meeting, but said much more. On his future and on that of Milan. Statements intended to be discussed, in the usual tone from Zlatan.

“Here I am president, coach and player, but they only pay me as a player. They are lucky, if I had been here from the first day we would have won the championship.”

A little irony, a little truth. When he talks about the future, Ibra suggests that his destiny will be far from Milan. He puts aside smiles and jokes and sends messages that are so eloquent that they are even surprising and create a moment of embarrassment while connecting with the post-game studio of DAZN.

“There is still a month to have fun. There are things that are happening here that we are not in control of. Sorry for the fans, it could have been one of the last games they saw me live. What did I say? Read between the lines ( addressed to Diletta Leotta, ed) “.

He does not want to go all the way, on tomorrow, but Ibrahimovic gives indications. And it suggests that he still wants to feel important, despite his age, in a project that is clear, in which Zlatan can play a definitive role. What he obviously does not believe he can have in the new Milan branded Rangnick.

“I am old, it is not a secret, but age is only a number. I train well, I have a good balance. I am fine, I try to help the team, I am having fun. At 38 I do not have the physique of before, I do what I can, but I’m not here to be a mascot but because I want to bring results “.