It is forbidden to go to the street without a mask in Hakkari

In Hakkari, under the new type of coronavirus (Kovid-19) measures, going out onto the street without a mask is prohibited.

In the statement made by the governorship, it was stated that the Provincial General Sanitary Board met under the chairmanship of Governor İdris Akbıyık on 1 July and made some decisions.

Here is the official explanation made from the governor

In order to manage the risk of coronavirus epidemic in terms of public health, it was stated that the use of masks is very important in addition to following the interpersonal distance and personal cleaning rules:

” In line with the measures taken, positive developments in the direction of decrease in the speed of virus spread and transmission, and the decrease in the rate of increase of cases, a controlled normalization process was initiated. In this process, it is considered that it will be appropriate to take some additional measures since it is believed that the risk of contagion of the disease may increase, especially if the sensitivity towards compliance with social distance and the use of a mask is not increased. In this context, it is considered that the date of 1.04.2020, no. With the decisions of the General Sanitary Board No. 2020/06/22, it was compulsory to wear masks in the market, collective work places, commercial taxis and public transportation vehicles.

In addition to the obligation to wear a mask brought by the relevant sanitary decisions, it is compulsory to wear a mask within the boundaries of Hakkari, in a way that it will be obligatory to wear a mask from 03.07.2020, to be applied to our citizens who act against the rules of use of the mask. In accordance with Article 282 of the Law, it has been unanimously decided to impose an administrative fine of 900 TL, to announce the decisions taken to the public through relevant media to the relevant institutions and organizations, to not be charged from these publications to be made by the Municipality and to be announced on the bulletin board for 5 days. ‘