It doesn’t matter how we sunbathe Hungarian Nation

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Instead of home practices, you may want to buy sunscreen and after-sun cream at the pharmacy

The tanning process is a form of cell damage due to the depletion of the ozone layer, so sunshine damages the skin much more than it did a few decades ago, according to a statement from Semmelweis University. Enikő Kuroli, a clinical specialist, told our magazine: protection is more important than anything, the recommended degree of which is primarily determined by the skin type. The expert also warned that a product with a higher factor number does not protect better, it only lasts longer than the protection it provides.

Sunshine is now much more damaging to the skin than it was a few decades ago, as the ozone layer, which is depleted by human activity, filters less harmful UV A and UV B rays, and this year it also causes a special situation that most people have more than usual. he has spent much more time between the four walls in recent months, explained Enikő Kuroli, a clinical specialist at the Department of Dermatology, Gynecology and Dermatology at Semmelweis University. As less sunlight hit people’s skin, it was less prepared for the summer period, as it failed to get the base color that could lay the foundation for intense summer sunbathing as early as April.

Pay attention to the skin type

The most important thing is that everyone is aware of the properties and abilities of their own skin. In recent years, brown leather has become more and more fashionable, but light-skinned people usually can’t tan well, they simply turn red and burn, Enikő Kuroli pointed out.

Light-skinned people should start sunbathing in the early morning or late afternoon, when UV radiation is much lower. Particular care should be taken to use premium quality, high sun protection creams to avoid skin damage, and day creams with sun protection properties already exist. It is also worth paying attention to the physical light protection, for example, we can also wear a hat, the expert added. For example, it can be observed that the scalp of tar men has a lot of tumors in old age. A baseball cap is not recommended, as the ears and neck can be burned if the neck or back is worn. Flanged hats prove to be the best choice. Fortunately, fashion companies are keeping up with this and there is a wide variety of hats to choose from. In terms of clothing, light summer wear such as linen and sunglasses is also recommended in the coming months.

Always follow the principle of gradation

UV A radiation is responsible for premature skin aging, and UV B is responsible for sunburn and blistering sunburn. With the occurrence of the latter, the chances of developing malignant skin tumors increase. There is no melanin in light skin, and this pigment serves the purpose of trapping incoming UV rays. In the skin, melanin plays the role of the ozone layer in the stratosphere. He who does not have melanin in his skin cannot absorb these rays, so his skin is much more damaged; and for those who tan, the incoming solar radiation causes extraordinary melanin production. This process can be considered as a kind of cell damage in itself, which, although not a serious problem, is especially important to avoid sunburn. You can’t tan in one day, the principle of gradation must be enforced – Enikő Kuroli emphasized.

Before any time spent for a longer day, it is worth taking care to protect our skin
Photo: Árpád Kurucz

But what should older people pay more attention to and what should young people pay attention to? Responding to the Hungarian Nation, the specialist said: the degree of protection is primarily determined by the skin type, ie white-skinned, light-eyed and hair-colored individuals should take the best care. – I would warn the elderly in the same way, because in old age the immune system is weaker, it is more difficult to protect against UV radiation. Along with the increased UV radiation, the incidence of malignant tumors of the skin has also increased, we see this every day in the dermatology office, he informed.

It is very important to always lubricate children with sunscreen as they do not know how much they can stay in the sun. In their case, it is also important to constantly repeat the protection on the beach after bathing. Young children’s skin is much thinner than that of adults, and their immune systems are also underdeveloped, so parents and their caregivers have a huge responsibility to keep children’s skin from burning out. The expert added that the number of sunburns suffered in childhood is correlated with the incidence of adult skin tumors.

Things to do after a sunburn

It doesn’t matter what sunscreen we use. The most important thing is to buy in a pharmacy and not look for products that are publicly available. – Large companies have the financial resources to inspect and test their premium quality products, so they really protect the skin from sunburn. A product with a higher factor number does not protect better, only the protection it provides lasts longer, the doctor warned.

Enikő Kuroli also told us what to do if the trouble has already happened, ie we burned down in the sun. “Prevention is paramount,” the doctor warned, but in the case of first-degree sunburn, a warm shower, cooling with a water sheet and using premium-quality after-sun products available only in pharmacies, as well as fever and fluid replacement are important.

Homemade practices like sour cream are better forgotten, the specialist added. In case of blistering sunburn, fever, headache, a specialist should be consulted immediately, the opening blisters should be disinfected, and overinfection should be prevented if possible.