It didn’t happen again! The F2P shooter Crucible returns in a closed beta phase after its launch!

As usual, when a new game is released, some follow specific stages of production until it reaches gold status and get his way for them physical or the digital stores. For example, it goes through Alpha and Beta stage, either in open or closed form before taking it final OK for its release. However, in the case of Crucible, things took a very strange and unprecedented turn twist, as it became known that Amazon’s first attempt in the world of gaming did not go so well! More specifically, due to the problems that occurred in many areas of Crucible, the team of developers was forced to το “turn back in its phase closed beta!

This is something unusual, as well as super problematic productions an attempt is being made to be corrected things, through a series of updates and patches. However, here things are not going well with Crucible one month of life it was completely different. From the moment of course Amazon “Closed” two from three game modes of the game, something didn’t seem to be going well at all. Amazon has decided that it will have to work with gamers to create the Crucible that worth in the gaming community. Although it is rather unprecedented for a game to be withdrawn after its official release, we hope it will be for good!