Is it reflected in Europe? The new SUV affordable for the Nissan family

The new compact SUV model of the Nissan family, which was developed by taking the Indian market to the center, managed to attract the attention of the European press through the hint visuals.

In recent years, with the interest in the SUV market, there is a variety of rain that works like a building block of our DNA. The interest in the class, which started to separate in itself like B and C, and which is at the center of the first versions of electric power, revealed scenarios where the models considered for different markets were also seen for the unexpected regions. One of the best examples of this was the Renault Arkana, whose route was translated into Europe after the interest it received, although it was intended only for the Russian market. For the new compact SUV, the first official images of which have been shared, the light of similar steps has already made itself felt. The brand’s new model, which it describes as budget-friendly for the Indian market, is interesting through the published teaser photos. started shooting.

Nissan will reveal current design dynamics in its new model

A calendar has been issued for the production of the model, which is planned to be launched on July 16 at the company’s global headquarters. If everything goes as planned, we will see the vehicle ready for the end user in the next 1 year. Shared hint images reveal the details of the front end with similar headlights with the recently revamped Kicks. The octagonal grille and the L-shaped daytime running light are among the pieces that show itself. It is also remarkable that the model, which is expected to be introduced with the concept form in the first step, will be the smallest SUV model in the world with its total expected length below 4 meters. The vehicle, which is expected to be released in January 2021, is expected to offer atmospheric and turbo-supported versions of the 1.0-liter engine. Although the Indian market is definitely pointed for the model for now, the route can be redrawn according to the interest situation to emerge. The developments will be in LOG.

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